Save 1,000 euros: Samsung copies the design of the Apple Studio Display

Save 1,000 euros: Samsung copies the design of the Apple Studio Display

Apple's design is still often copied, and Samsung also used it and is currently doing so. Because this new monitor looks damn similar to the Apple Studio Display, but costs 1,000 euros less.

Update from March 28, 2022: Samsung's new smart monitor was shown for the first time at CES in January, but some questions about the Samsung M8 remained unanswered. These will now be answered for the global launch of the 32-inch UHD display (source: Samsung).

First the price: In this country we will have to pay 749 euros . Expensive compared to the previous model, cheap compared to the Apple Studio Display with a similar design, after all, the Apple monitor costs 1,000 euros more. But it also offers a 5K panel and not just a 4K display. But in terms of design, both monitors are clearly based on the current iMac.

Speaking of which: The colors of the Samsung M8 are pretty much reminiscent of those of the iMac, although very imaginative names are given: Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue and Spring Green. All in all: A visually appealing monitor with smart features, an attachable camera - perfect for the bargain hunters among Mac users.

Original item:

To be precise, Samsung does not copy the entire iMac, but takes its design as a model for the new "Smart Monitor M8" that will be presented at CES 2022. It looks damn similar to the current all-in-one computer, but does without the "thick" chin in the lower area (source: Samsung via 9to5Mac).

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 in the form of the Apple iMac

And why should Apple users in particular be happy about this? Well, on the one hand, you get a monitor that fits perfectly with the Mac , as well as a wonderful screen for your own content. Because like its predecessor (M7), the Smart Monitor M8 should also have AirPlay support . The rest of the data is also impressive:

32 inch with UHD resolution (4K) 1.07 billion colors at 400 nits brightness USB Type-C port for 65W charging connections

A special highlight should certainly be the movable and magnetic SlimFit camera , which can be freely positioned. The built-in video calling application supports the most popular video conferencing apps, including Google Duo, so you don't even need to have a Mac connected.

Samsung probably served as an optical blueprint, the current iMac from Apple with the M1 chip:

Cheaper price is expected

Samsung is still silent on the price and availability. With the first point, however, we can certainly orientate ourselves on the predecessor. The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 officially costs 459 euros , but in some stores you can get it for more than 100 euros cheaper (see Ergo: At some point this year, Apple users will also be offered an extremely exciting and nice-looking smart monitor.


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