Improve and amplify the volume of your Xiaomi and / or headphones with these simple adjustments

With the evolution of technology and the arrival of content on demand, many of us spend much of the day with our headphones on, playing music or watching series and movies.

That is why many of you have asked us how to increase the volume of the headphones in Xiaomi smartphones or even how to improve the sound quality in Xiaomi AirDots or Redmi AirDots S wireless headphones.

How to improve the sound and increase the volume of the headphones in MIUI of Xiaomi

If what we want is to increase or amplify the volume of our headphones on a Xiaomi smartphone with MIUI we must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings app> Region
  2. We will change our region to Andorra, India or any other country outside the EU.

With this adjustment we will be able to "skip" the European restrictions that limit the sound volume, obtaining greater amplification , both in headphones, and through the speaker itself.

How to increase xiaom headphone volume and improve sound in MIUI

Headphones with cable and jack connector Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro HD.

In addition, if we want to improve the sound quality in our headphones, whether wired or wireless, we can activate the various improvements that MIUI offers us:

  • Go to Settings app> Sound and vibration> Headphones
    1. Activate the Equalizer: Configure it to our liking or select one of the many presets that MIUI includes.
    2. Choose the type of headset we are using.
    3. Activate the Mi Sound Enhancer if we use wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. This will improve and amplify bass and sound in general.

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  2. Doesn't work.... Since mi ui 12, the sound is 10%... Which is messing up ? Earphones or os ?

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