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Google s Pixel Tablet may have appeared at FCC

A new Google device surfaced at the FCC today that could well be the upcoming Pixel Tablet. At the FCC, the tablet appeared under Google's ID as A4RGTU8P. However, A4RGTU8P is not the model number of the upcoming Google Pixel tablet. This device is listed as "Wireless Device", which is a fairly generic description. Nowhere in these documents is it referred to as a tablet. The device supports Bluetooth LE, WiFi 6 and UWB. While that's not the most concrete proof that this is actually the Pixel Tablet, what else could it be? Sources): FCC The post Google's Pixel Tablet may have appeared at FCC appeared first on xiaomist's blog .
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Apple: Thief shot after AirTag search

In the US, a car theft has ended deadly. The alleged thief was tracked down with an AirTag attached to the car before the owner drew his gun. A similar case in Europe ended much more lightly for everyone involved. USA: Thief shot dead after AirTag search An Apple AirTag makes it fairly easy to track down things thought lost or stolen. Owners can see on a map where the little helper was last. A Texas man used this handy feature to find his stolen truck. According to the AirTag, this was near a shopping center in the city of San Antonio. The owner called the police, but then didn't wait for the officers and took matters into his own hands. He confronted the thief and an argument quickly broke out. Suspecting that the alleged thief might be armed, he shot the person . According to San Antonio police, it was only the truck owner who fired the shots. He then turned himself in and was taken into custody for questioning. According to a police spokesman, it is unlikely that the shoot

Google Chrome 112 released

Google has rolled out a stable update for the Chrome browser for Windows, macOS and Linux. The latest version 112 has been released. Google has released Chrome Browser version 112 with build number 112.0.5615.47/.48 for Android, 112.0.5615.49 for MacOS and for Linux with build number 112.0.5615.49 for Windows with build number 112.0.5615.49/50 . This version includes stability and performance improvements. A full list of changes can be found in the git log. Android versions contain the same security fixes as the corresponding desktop versions (Windows: 112.0.5615.49/50, Mac & Linux: 112.0.5615.49) unless otherwise noted. The new version contains the following innovations and improvements. Visit the Chrome security page for more information. Sources): Google The post Google Chrome 112 released appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

Android Auto Beta 9.3 available

Google has already started a new beta, and a new test version of Android Auto is being distributed again. Now Google has already rolled out Android Auto Beta 9.3 to users for testing. Google continues to update its Android Auto app. In recent months, Google has been releasing new trial versions of Android Auto at an increasing rate. Android Auto 9.3.1313 is the latest beta and you can download and install it now. The beta was released today, April 4th, 2023 and has the following changes on board: The Do Not Disturb feature has been improved. Dark mode on car UI is now phone independent. Bug fixes and other improvements. The APK is probably already available for download in the Google Pay Store for beta testers, but you can also download the file from APKMirror and then install it. Sources): SmartDroid The Android Auto Beta 9.3 available post appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

Easter offers at MediaMarkt-Saturn: These 10 deals are really worth it

"Technology festival for the Easter nest" at MediaMarkt-Saturn You can get plenty of good deals at MediaMarkt-Saturn's Easter campaign (view campaign at MediaMarkt). We checked the offers, compared the prices and present you the highlights here . Who is wondering: The two electronics store chains have been working even more closely together since this year and are therefore fully synchronizing their discount campaigns . That means you get exactly the same offers from both providers. But be careful: The discount campaign only runs until April 10th, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. You can also benefit if you register for the MediaMarkt-Saturn loyalty program, as you will also receive additional loyalty points for the purchase, which you can later redeem for purchases. Easter offers at MediaMarkt-Saturn checked: the 10 best deals MediaMarkt / Saturn: This is how we find the best technology bargains The electronics stores MediaMarkt and Saturn are probably among the largest pr

Amazon: Notebooks, Storage, 4K TVs & More on Sale Today

You can get a lot of great deals on Amazon. Among the top bargains of the day are many 4K televisions, two notebooks, numerous storage media and much more. We have put together the best current deals for you. Often only available for a short time and sold out just as quickly: With the daily Amazon offers , you sometimes have to grab them within a very short time. Prime customers have it a little easier, seeing lightning deals 30 minutes before everyone else. You can test Amazon Prime for 30 days free of charge . We describe the costs and advantages of Prime in a separate article. So that you don't miss anything, we tell you the best deals here every day. You can also secure good deals with the new coupon campaign. Amazon offers on April 4th: The best deals at a glance Despite high discounts, Amazon is not always the cheapest. We took a close look at the current offers and compared the prices with those of other retailers. The following products are currently the cheapest avail

Android April 2023 patch for supported Pixel phones is here

The April 2023 Android update is now being rolled out to Google Pixel phones and fixes several bugs. The update has now been released for the Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, 5, 5a, 6, 6 Pro, 6a, 7 and 7 Pro. The Android Security Bulletin provides details on security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. Security patch levels of 04/05/2023 or higher fix all these issues. There are 28 security issues fixed in the Android 13 April 2023 patch dated 2023-04-01 and 40 security issues dated 2023-04-05. The April 2023 security patch should be available on eligible Pixel phones in the next few hours. Sources): Google The post Android April 2023 patch for supported Pixel smartphones is here appeared first on xiaomist's blog .