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{Disarmed} These are the five most successful gadgets of Xiaomi during this 2021

2021 has been the year of Xiaomi. Let's recap: throughout 2021 Xiaomi has managed to reign in Europe , set a historical record in its IoT ecosystem , break into the Fortune 500 list and in just five years, climb 200 positions , obtain the highest net profit in mobile phones since its founding —does exactly a decade - and another handful of milestones topping it off, like its more than 500 million active MIUI users . But all these figures do not have any dimension by themselves. They only acquire it through their products and services , those that we buy, that we enjoy or even that frustrate us on more than one occasion - although we hope that MIUI 13 around the corner will solve them. xiaomist was born in April, eight months ago now, and in this short period we have witnessed the launch of more than 100 products. In the absence of heavyweights like the new Xiaomi 12 , these are under our humble criteria the five sta

Samsung presents "eye-like" ISOCELL GWB sensor with RGBW pixels

Samsung develops its first ISOCELL camera with an RGBW color filter pattern. The company confirmed this today in a webinar hosted by TECNO Mobile ... The article Samsung presents "eye-like" ISOCELL GWB sensor with RGBW pixels first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

Google Pixel 6a dummy shows up in first pictures [video]

Huawei Watch 3 (Pro) HarmonyOS update arrives in Germany

The Huawei Watch 3 (Pro) HarmonyOS update was distributed almost 1 month ago. But not here with us ... The article Huawei Watch 3 (Pro) HarmonyOS Update arrives in Germany first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

{Disarmed} 12 + 1 things you can do with a smart plug

We are many users who started our journey in the world of domotizing the home through smart plugs. And it is that these types of products are among one of the most affordable gadgets when it comes to automating certain elements of our homes and even achieving significant energy savings with their use.

China-Handy is astonishing: It can be folded and rolled out

Foldable or rollable? Why not both! Manufacturer TCL has now presented an exciting smartphone prototype that could show the future of the industry. The China cell phone is transformed into a full-fledged tablet in no time at all. The days of the classic smartphone are numbered. At least that's what many manufacturers want us to believe who are working hard on foldable or even rollable smartphones. But why choose between the two options at all? The engineers at TCL must have thought something similar. TCL shows foldable and rollable China cell phones The Chinese manufacturer recently presented the prototype of a smartphone that can not only be folded, but also rolled out (video below). The folding mechanism is unlikely to impress many, after all, we have known something like this since 2019, when Samsung launched the first Galaxy Fold on the market. But the China cell phone is not satisfied with simply folding it out and in, because the TCL smartphone can also be rolled out if

Attacks on pixel phones: Google has to answer questions

Google is having problems with its Pixel phones. There are said to have been several attacks on private data, accounts and photos via pixel smartphones. Bitter for Google: The unauthorized access occurred after the cell phones were officially sent in for repair. While the new flagship smartphone Pixel 6 is really well received, its predecessors are rather a shadowy existence. Now the earlier Google smartphones are also causing trouble: In several cases, unauthorized access to private accounts was registered after owners had sent their defective Pixel phones to Google for repairs. Pixel smartphones: Owners fear private photos The procedure is clear from an example from the USA: Pixel owner Jane McGonigal claims to have sent in her no longer functional Pixel 5a - without first deleting private data or resetting the system to the delivery state. That was not possible due to the defect (source: The Verge). According to Google's information, it was initially said that the smartpho

Honor X30 will be unveiled on December 16

The Honor X30, the latest in the affordable X-series from the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Honor, is officially confirmed for December 16 ... The article Honor X30 will be presented on December 16 first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: This is what the high-end tablet looks like

With the Galaxy Tab S8, S8 Plus and S8 Ultra, Samsung would like to send three Android tablets into the race. Rumors about a notch in the larger Ultra model have now been confirmed at the latest. A new top processor should also make the difference. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra appears with a notch With the ultra version of the next high-end tablet, Samsung has a cutout at the top of the screen . The first marketing images show the Android tablet with a notch that had already been speculated about. Two front cameras are more or less hidden here. They should enable 4K videos at 60 frames per second. In the standard and plus version of the tablet, however, Samsung does without a notch. The Galaxy Tab S8 Plus also has two selfie cameras, which are integrated in both the upper and the side edge (source: Evan Blass on Twitter). This means that users remain more flexible when it comes to positioning in front of the camera. The standard model only has a single front camera. Nothing is know

Bundle at MediaMarkt: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 + Buds 2 + Google Play credit

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has enjoyed huge popularity since its launch in August. If you are also toying with the idea of ​​buying one, MediaMarkt now has a crazy offer for you. In this article we will tell you how you can get cheap not only the Galaxy Watch, but also a set of Galaxy Buds 2 and 150 euros Google Play credit for the same money. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic): The offer in check On August 27, 2021, sales of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic officially started. The new generation of the smartwatch switches to the Wear OS operating system from Google. Now MediaMarkt has put together a strong bundle with good Samsung headphones on top: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (various designs to choose from) Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Black Google Play credit of 150 euros The Galaxy Watch 4 at MediaMarkt is slightly more expensive at 249 euros than the current comparison price at idealo (209 euros), but you get the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 worth almost