Apple: Thief shot after AirTag search

Apple: Thief shot after AirTag search

In the US, a car theft has ended deadly. The alleged thief was tracked down with an AirTag attached to the car before the owner drew his gun. A similar case in Europe ended much more lightly for everyone involved.

USA: Thief shot dead after AirTag search

An Apple AirTag makes it fairly easy to track down things thought lost or stolen. Owners can see on a map where the little helper was last. A Texas man used this handy feature to find his stolen truck. According to the AirTag, this was near a shopping center in the city of San Antonio.

The owner called the police, but then didn't wait for the officers and took matters into his own hands. He confronted the thief and an argument quickly broke out. Suspecting that the alleged thief might be armed, he shot the person .

According to San Antonio police, it was only the truck owner who fired the shots. He then turned himself in and was taken into custody for questioning. According to a police spokesman, it is unlikely that the shooter will be charged . However, the investigation should continue (source: 9to5Mac).

In the video. Here's how Apple's AirTags work:

Scotland: Thief not shot after AirTag search

There was a similar case in Scotland recently, but no one was shot. Here, too, a stolen Range Rover was tracked down by AirTag. The small tracking device was in an expensive Gucci handbag, which the thief also stole during a burglary. In this case, instead of taking matters into their own hands, the victims waited for the police , who were able to quickly arrest the thief.


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