If your Xiaomi disconnects only from the WiFi it may be because of that MIUI setting

One of the most common problems in Xiaomi smartphones is usually related to the WiFi connection and its automatic disconnection . A quite annoying problem, which in most cases is usually caused by a bad MIUI configuration .

If you have a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO and you notice that sometimes your smartphone disconnects only from the WiFi without having taken any action, do not miss this article where we tell you how to solve it in most cases.

Disconnection of WiFi on your Xiaomi, how to solve it

Although it is true that the problem may be caused by some other failure, in most cases the spontaneous disconnection of the WiFi connection is caused by a bad MIUI configuration, specifically, its automatic connection to the networks with better signal .

¿Tu Xiaomi se desconecta del WiFi solo? Así puedes solucionarlo. Noticias Xiaomi A

By having this option activated on our smartphone, if the WiFi signal drops at any time, it will automatically disconnect to use the data connection . To deactivate it enough to do the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> WiFi> Wi-Fi Assistant
  2. Once inside, we deactivate the option « Select the best networks automatically «

In this way, we will be able to correct one of the most repeated failures in Xiaomi smartphones, of automatic connection of the WiFi connection that, as we said, is often caused by a bad configuration.

If even so, the failure persists, we recommend you check if you have changed the configuration of any other setting, installed an application that makes use of the WiFi settings or as a last option, restore your smartphone to factory settings.

The entry If your Xiaomi disconnects only from WiFi, it may be because of that MIUI setting, it was first published in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


  1. My son's xiaomi note 9s fell in water for 2 seconds and it turned of. The he turned it on and it worked properly but the next day the device can't detect WiFi networks. Is it related to water or is there anything we can do.

    1. the wifi module of the board must be dead now, but it can be turn back to work, by cleaning the board with contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, BUT unfortunally, this process its hard to do by yourself in home, if you don't know about disassemble

  2. Most pathetic brand I ever bought I am literally giving away this crappy piece of electronic junk made by the Chinese shiit factory

    1. fym pathetic brand, every phone brand can have this problem u dumbass

  3. You have done a good job by publishing this article about best wifi range extender india I appreciate your efforts which you have put into this article, It is a beneficial article for us. Thanks for sharing such informative thoughts.

  4. My redmi 9t has problem with WiFi. When am in a room next to router it won't connect at all to the WiFi it its nearly less than two meters.

  5. I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro/Max (PH) and I'm experiencing wifi (no internet) problem even though I am connected and other device has perfectly working internet. I tried everything but the only thing that works is Factory Reset, but the peoblem is still there. Everyday everytime I'm having the same problem I always Factory Reset (Reformat) my phone and its a burden to do it everyday. Specially I'm a student every file, photo, apps are deleted.

  6. My Xiaomi redmi note 8 is disconnecting from wifi randomly. It happens within an interval of 2-3 minutes.it disconnect for 2-3 seconds and reconnect. It repeat again and again. But when I connect it with a mobile hotspot it works fine. I can't find the solution .I am in the brink of changing the device . Please help me


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