MacBook Air with M1 chip: Cyberport sells Apple notebook at a competitive price

MacBook Air with M1 chip: Cyberport sells Apple notebook at a competitive price

The MacBook Air with an M1 chip is currently available from Cyberport at an absolutely bargain price. The notebook can refer to excellent reviews and scores with strong performance and long battery life.

Cyberport offers MacBook Air with M1 processor for 899 euros

With its stylish design, battery life of well over 10 hours, the convenient macOS operating system and, last but not least, the performance of the M1 processor , the MacBook Air from Apple is the all-round carefree package for anyone looking for a notebook.

The entry-level version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space is now available from Cyberport for 899 euros (see Cyberport) – around 180 euros cheaper than from Apple itself. The Space Gray color variants are available.

Cyberport falls below the psychologically important price limit of 900 euros . The MacBook Air with M1 chip is currently cheaper at no other retailer. According to the price comparison, Cyberport currently offers the best price.

IMPORTANT : Cyberport offers the MacBook Air with the M1 chip for 989 euros. To get the reduced price, you have to click on the button "Even cheaper for a short time" (see photo above) under the price box. Then the price changes to 899 euros . But watch out, there are only a few devices left and the sale ends in 22 hours.

You can see what you need to know about the MacBook Air with M1 in the video :

A personal recommendation

After Apple announced the departure from Intel processors, the first Macs with a self-developed M1 chip were presented at the end of 2020. In addition to the MacBook Air, this also includes the MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini. I've been using the MacBook Air with M1 for about a year and I'm completely thrilled. It's fast, whisper-quiet, and boasts battery life I never thought possible .

The outstanding performance is the icing on the cake . I've never encountered problems with incompatible software, which some people fear. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the MacBook Air with M1 to just about anyone, especially at Cyberport's $1,000 price point. With 5 out of 5 possible stars, it is not rated excellent by Cyberport buyers for nothing.


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