iPhone & MacBook at Lidl: How good are the Apple deals at the discounter?

iPhone & MacBook at Lidl: How good are the Apple deals at the discounter?

Apple products are very popular for good reason, as they offer powerful processors, are hardly prone to errors and are also extremely stylish. But all of this has its price. All the better when MacBooks, iPhones, AirPods, etc. are cheaper, as is currently the case in the Lidl online shop. We took a closer look at the discounter's Apple campaign and compared prices.

Apple week at Lidl: MacBook Air & Pro greatly reduced

At Lidl there is not only food and furniture. The discounter also has many multimedia bargains on offer in its online shop that are worthwhile. This time, Lidl is reducing iPhones, MacBooks and iPads as part of Apple Week and only promises the best prices. We took a very close look at whether this is actually the case.

These are the best deals of Apple week at Lidl

Which offers are actually good deals and cannot be found cheaper at any other dealer? We have taken over the price comparison for you and are presenting the best Apple bargains at Lidl below. But be careful: The devices can be sold out quickly, so if you are interested, you should hurry.

At Lidl you can get the Apple MacBook Pro with a retina display for just 1,224 euros , which is 15 percent below the RRP. If that's still a bit too expensive for you: On eBay you can buy the MacBookPro a little cheaper for currently 1,159 euros in the Gravis eBay shop .

The MacBook Air is a slightly slimmer and technically slimmed down version, which still has a lot to offer. At Lidl you can get the Air with retina display for 944 euros, a whole 10 percent cheaper compared to the RRP. On Ebay, however, the notebook is again 14 euros cheaper for 929.90 euros in the Gravis Ebay shop .

Apple accessories at Lidl at bargain prices

Accessories for your Apple products such as the "Magic" keyboard and the smart speaker for the home including Siri voice control are nowhere to be found cheaper.

You can see what the HomePod Mini can do in the following video:

More Lidl bargains can be found here:


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