Xiaomi: New technology will make Android smartphones so much better

Xiaomi: New technology will make Android smartphones so much better

Xiaomi is now one of the most innovative smartphone manufacturers in the world. The Chinese company not only brings cheap Android phones to market, but also uses completely new technologies. Now they want to completely reinvent the fingerprint sensor in the display and thus solve an extremely annoying problem.

Xiaomi develops all-screen fingerprint sensor

Since fingerprint sensors have been installed under smartphone screens, the correct position and size have been discussed. The sensor is often too deep, too small or simply works imprecisely. Many manufacturers want to solve the problem by building larger areas for the fingerprint sensor. This has not really been implemented yet. Xiaomi wants to change that. An all-screen fingerprint sensor is to be installed. Xiaomi now has the corresponding patent.

According to the patent, Xiaomi uses infrared technology. The IR LEDs are installed over the entire surface under the capacitive touchscreen, but above the normal AMOLED panel, and are only activated where the smartphone recognizes a finger when a fingerprint is asked for. So you can unlock your smartphone simply by placing your finger anywhere on the display (source: Gizmochina).

This is a gigantic advantage in normal everyday life with the smartphone, which you have to unlock dozens of times a day. The fingerprint sensor is now used not only to unlock the smartphone, but also for many apps that are secured in this way.

Xiaomi also wants to charge smartphones through the air:

When will the new Xiaomi technology be used?

So far it is only a patent from Xiaomi. Huawei had a similar idea in 2020 and has not yet implemented it. In the end, the technology has yet to prove itself. If you use it, it has to be precise, fast and, above all, safe. Otherwise it has no chance in normal everyday life and Xiaomi would not block it either.


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