What is a .nomedia file and how does it work?

The .nomedia files are not as well known in the environment of Android and Xiaomi smartphones; although, by knowing more about them, you can be sure that you can get a lot out of them .

In particular, you can use them if you are a person interested in keeping your information away from snoopers in an advanced way and that not many know.

.nomedia file

What are .nomedia files?

It is a type of file created specifically for the Android file system. By means of it, it is indicated that a folder with certain multimedia files should not be scanned .

In this way, multimedia players, as well as applications of this type, will stop both indexing and scanning the folder where the .nomedia file is located. Likewise, if you look for the name of a file of this type, you will realize that it does not have one , but can simply be identified by the extension: .nomedia

In addition, there is an extra advantage: since these files are not indexed, we can improve the performance of our phone . This, because they tell the applications which folders should be taken into account when indexing is carried out (not taking into account all the .nomedia files).


Another interesting advantage that we find in the .nomedia files is that they can be located in the advertising folders of the free apps. Thus, we will be preventing them from being read by the video player or the gallery.

How to use .nomedia files?

Essentially, .nomedia files work great for hiding footage and images from people we don't want to see. In the example below, the Screenshots folder would not be displayed .

We will also be preventing an app, such as the gallery or the photo gallery, from showing any image or video . This also means that an app does a lot of work by uselessly scanning files and folders.

file not media

Another interesting use is to place a .nomedia file in a folder with a large number of multimedia documents . With this, we will be preventing that, when opening a certain tracking application, you can locate these folders.

On the other hand, if you have multimedia files that you don't want an app to have access to, you simply use the .nomedia files to avoid being scanned .

How to create a .nomedia file?

You have the ability to both create and delete .nomedia files from your device with the Nomedia application. Actually, there are several, one developed by Droida, and the other by laboratory g (x). We leave you the most used and with the best score.

  • Download .nomedia app from Play Store

In the case of using the g (x) labs, simply tap on the " ON " option that appears in any folder and the application automatically places a .nomedia file there . Then press and hold the folder to create a new .nomedia. This folder will turn red, this indicates that the .nomedia file is already there.

application to create no media

How to delete a .nomedia file?

To delete a nomedia file , simply with the previous application, you can put the folder in OFF again and automatically, the files will be shown again. You can also manually delete the file. not average that was created.

  • On the other hand, we do not recommend that you open a .nomedia file directly . And it does not mean that you will have serious problems with it; Instead, you won't find any useful file types, so it's not really worth doing.

Finally, if you have decided to rename a file .jpg, .png or .mp4, you must restore the file to its previous extension. With this, we will achieve that it stops fulfilling the functions of a .nomedia file


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