This is the new Control Center that will come to your Xiaomi with MIUI 13

After discovering how the new optimized load will work , the first beta of MIUI 13 continues to reveal new details about the news that our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO will receive with this new version of MIUI.

On this occasion, thanks to portals such as XIAOMIUI and MIUIes , we have had access to the first images of the new MIUI 13 Control Center , showing us its new design, as well as its new functionalities.

This is the new MIUI 13 Control Center

As we can see below, the MIUI 13 Control Center will generally maintain the same design as the previous versions. Of course, the distribution of the different elements is somewhat different , also incorporating some new features.

Así es el nuevo Centro de control que llegará a tu Xiaomi con MIUI 13. Noticias Xiaomi A

Now, the brightness and volume bars are positioned at the top , right next to the Wi-Fi control and mobile data. At the bottom instead a new player control is added.

This is the new Control Center that will come to your Xiaomi with MIUI 13. Xiaomi News

To all this is added a new section called My Smart Hub , which facilitates the interconnection between the different compatible devices of the Xiaomi ecosystem. From here we can control, manage or transfer music, videos or images to other devices .

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