The new Xiaomi headquarters will have a spectacular 360º surround screen

Xiaomi has released the first images of what its next international headquarters will be like , where all kinds of products will also be sold. Xiaomi Cube , this is how the company has called this new flagship store, whose design is most attractive.

With a size of no less than 6,000 square meters , Xiaomi Cube will become the headquarters and the most advanced and curious Xiaomi store, also including a 360º surround LED screen .

This will be the new Xiaomi flagship store

As we can see under these lines, the new Xiaomi headquarters will have a public access store at the bottom . On this a tower with different floors will rise, full of offices and personal feelings.

La nueva sede de Xiaomi contará con una espectacular pantalla LED envolvente en 360º. Noticias Xiaomi A

But the most curious thing is its wraparound screen, an LED panel that will run along the façade of this new headquarters, showing 360º images in a rather spectacular and above all eye-catching way.

The new Xiaomi headquarters will feature a spectacular 360º surround LED screen. Xiaomi  News

This new headquarters will be located in Shenzhen and will be a reality after an investment of around 7,760 million yuan, that is, about 1,080 million euros . Without a doubt, one more place to be known by all those fans of the brand.

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