New retractable speaker system from Xiaomi

Xiaomi is always thinking about the future, and for this it needs to launch patents well in advance of its launch, above all, to determine if it is feasible or not.

Speaker system with automatic cover

New retractable speaker system from Xiaomi

On this occasion, Xiaomi has patented a new retractable speaker system that opens or closes according to the needs we have and the use that we are giving the phone.

Hand in hand with Harman Kardon , the prestigious sound brand, they continue to investigate and launch new models (especially high-end) with speakers, with much superior sounds. And Xiaomi is thinking of a new technology to improve the quality of the speakers of its devices with this new patent.

retractable speaker patent

New Xiaomi Retractable Speakers Patent

The new sound system works as follows:

  • On the top speaker of the phone, the phone will be equipped with a retractable mechanism that will cause a cover to close or open the speaker holes.
  • When listening to music or making a hands-free call , the system will clear the holes , allowing the sound from the speaker to be louder.
  • With a normal call , the top speaker will be closed , allowing the sound to focus on the front.
  • The opening or closing of this system will be done automatically , depending on what you are doing at that moment with your phone.
  • Another added advantage that this system will offer us is protection against liquids, if these holes are closed.

retractable speakers

This new patent for the brand's speakers has been approved since last December 2021, and it remains to be seen in which future phones will implement it.


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