iPhone 14: surprise, Apple fans want controversial redesign

iPhone 14: surprise, Apple fans want controversial redesign

In the fall, with the iPhone 14, the appearance of the Apple cell phone will most likely change properly, at least the two Pro models will have to do without the notch in the future. What comes instead creates controversy at first, but to the surprise of industry insiders, I think it pleases.

The rumor mill is unanimous on one point: The previous display notch will disappear on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which only gets the standard model. There is either a so-called punch-hole design, i.e. a circular recess, or a slightly pill-shaped recess for the camera. Obviously, one is not quite sure yet.

iPhone 14 Pro: Apple fans want the pill

xiaomist colleague and industry expert Peter Hryciuk doesn't think this is a good thing, for him the previous notch is part of Apple's brand image, eliminating it would be a mistake. But how do users actually see it? In a current survey of colleagues from 9to5Mac, the opinion of the readers is asked and a surprising trend is already emerging (source: 9to5Mac).

Because the new design is not that controversial with them. Currently, just under 14 percent prefer the previous notch, the clear majority are in favor of an end to the notch. Over 50 percent even want the pill shape for the new recess, and over a quarter still want the classic camera hole.

Although the survey is not yet over and it is certainly not representative by scientific standards, the view of the mood is quite enlightening. It seems that five years after the premiere of the Notch, Apple customers can and actually want to part with the brand-defining front image of the iPhone and are ready for something new. This should not only surprise colleague Peter Hryciuk a little, but Apple buyers may not be as conservative as one might think. Another exciting finding.

Not only does the new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE rely on a camera hole, many Android phones generally use the punch-hole design:

Four models in autumn 2022

There will be certainty in autumn when the new models will be presented. Apart from the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple would like to introduce two more models according to rumors. The standard version with 6.1-inch screen and a new iPhone 14 Max with a larger 6.7-inch screen, but a mini version should no longer be available.


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