How to call with a hidden or private number on Xiaomi?

In the age of technology, our privacy has become an extremely precious commodity. That is why keeping our phone number hidden on our Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco is essential ; especially when we make certain calls to numbers that we do not know.

Call with hidden number in Miui

private number in xiaomi

And, by hiding our number from our phone, we will have the assurance that when making a call, the person who receives it does not know the number from which they are being called. This is an invaluable function to protect our identity when, for example, making calls to strangers.

  • To do this, the phone app that Xiaomi already includes in its latest models makes it easy for us to hide our phone number.

Likewise, at the time of hiding our number, we can also do it by adjusting the prefix or the application . The prefix, in particular, has the advantage that it will only hide our number for a specific call that we indicate.

Next, we present the step by step that you must follow:

How to hide your number when making calls from a Xiaomi?

  • The first thing we have to do is go to the Phone or calls app and access the settings section (top right).
  • Later, we enter Call Accounts or Telephone Accounts, depending on the version of Miui you have
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  • Once inside, you go to the Advanced Settings option and finally, click on Caller ID .
caller id

Once inside this option, you may be asked to select which SIM card you want to apply the changes to , in case you have two phone numbers on the same smartphone. If you only have 1, it won't tell you anything.

  • Now you simply have to give the option " Hide number "
hidden number in miui

Thanks to this, we can adjust the caller ID , and with it, our phone number will be hidden from other phones , in incoming calls.

From now on, your phone number will always be hidden from everyone. If you want your phone to be shown again when you make a call, you just have to check the option " dial number " following the same steps.

How to hide a phone number using a prefix?

In addition to the aforementioned method, we also have the option to hide a number based on a prefix. For this, operators such as Vodafone, Orange or Movistar make the task easier for us. The prefix, in general, is # 31 # , whether we are talking about a Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco or any Android device .

In this way, if you want to hide your number, you only have to dial this prefix first . For example, if the number is 6xxxxxxxx, just add # 31 # 6xxxxxxxx. The specific advantage of this method is that it applies only to the call we make at the moment and in the next call, your number will be seen again.

call with hidden number

Tips or advice to call with a hidden number

  • It doesn't matter if you have a Xiaomi Mi A1, a Redmi Note 10 or later; Since this function of hiding the phone number in a Redmi, Xiaomi or Poco is a simple and functional task in all models of the brand and it will not take us long.
  • Of course, it may not be available depending on the country where you reside
  • Calling with a hidden number is free depending on the country and the operator you have


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