How to avoid the "do not cover the earpiece area" message on your Xiaomi?

Surely, more than once you have encountered the message of not covering the earpiece area on your Xiaomi phone . Fortunately, this message has an explanation and a very simple solution that we can implement to avoid seeing it again.

do not cover xiaomi earphone

Get rid of the message do not cover the earphone area on Miui

This notice that appears on a black background is specifically related to "Pocket Mode" . That is, that mode that prevents our phone from turning on (and, for example, that keys are marked by mistake or applications are opened) while we have it stored in a pocket, backpack, etc.

Due to various errors in Miui or that it has been miscalibrated , this message may appear even though we are not covering the headset area; especially in devices like the Poco X3 NFC, the Redmi Note 9, 9S and the Redmi 9 , Poco F3 , etc. but the list extends to other models.

  • So what can we do to fix it?

How to avoid the "do not cover the earpiece area" message on your Xiaomi?

The answer is simple, we must deactivate said pocket mode , and this is done manually. Then:

disable pocket mode on miui
  • The first thing we have to do is go to the Settings area and select Lock Screen .
  • Once inside, we go to advanced settings
  • And now we simply have to choose the option to deactivate pocket mode (it stays in gray).

With this, we will be avoiding said functionality; but at the same time, we will avoid the annoying message of " Do not cover the earpiece area ."

The new pocket mode is the problem of Miui and her screen

This pocket mode option is from Miui 10, and it is possible to deactivate it also in versions with Miui 11 and Miui 12 without problems.


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