{Disarmed} I have been gifted a Mi Band 6, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions

I have been gifted a Mi Band 6, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is one of the most popular smart bracelets out there and one of the star gifts . Today we are going to review some functions that you should know about your new Mi Band 6 .

How to pair the Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Mi band 6

The first step as soon as you take your brand new Mi Band 6 out of the box, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Download Mi Fit or Xiaomi Wear .
  • Create an account.
  • Click on the "+" button in the upper right and choose Xiaomi Mi Band 6 . Remember to have activated the Bluetooth of the mobile activated.
  • Once the device has been detected, you just have to pair it.

Remember to enter the height and weight exactly , since they are values ​​that the app will take into account to tell us the amount of calories we have burned.

How to record sports activities


It must be borne in mind that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 does not integrate GPS connectivity , but will be responsible for collecting the information through the sensors that are integrated into the bracelet such as the pedometer or the heart rate sensor.

To be able to register the activity you have two options: do it from the Band 6 or directly from the mobile. The main advantage of doing it from the mobile is that it will also record our location, although we will have to take it with us.

However, from the Mi Band we can know exactly the amount of calories we burn without using the smartphone.

{"videoId":"x82u67u","autoplay":true,"title":"9 TRUCOS MI BAND 5 Y MI BAND 6 | Saca el máximo partido a tu pulsera de Xiaomi"}

In the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 we just have to follow the following steps:

We choose the icon " Exercise " or " Activity ", sliding down we choose any of the activities that are proposed to us and that we are going to do. Remember that if none corresponds to what we are going to do, we will select " Free activity ".

It should be noted that the sleep analysis is also activated by default when wearing the bracelet and the statistics will be added. It supports showering and water sports.

How to change the dial of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6


Changing the sphere on the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is very simple, you just have to keep your finger on the screen and from there you can easily manage those that are pre-installed on the device.

You can also change it from the app in a simple way to be able to access most of the catalog.

Taking pictures from a distance is also possible

Mi band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 includes an option through which you can take photos remotely without having to set a timer . To do so, you just have to go to the camera icon and click on the white button that will appear on the bracelet to take a picture from a distance.

These are some of the main functionalities that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has, remember that it is possible to answer some notifications , but not answer calls since it does not integrate a microphone.

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