{Disarmed} How to calibrate the Xiaomi proximity sensor

Does your Xiaomi mobile turn on in your pocket without doing anything? Does the screen turn off when receiving a call or listening to an audio from WhatsApp? Well, the solution is to calibrate the proximity sensor of your Xiaomi or Redmi, and we will teach you how to do it in this simple tutorial.

calibrate proximity sensor on xiaomi

Learn how to calibrate proximity sensor on Xiaomi or Redmi phones

The first thing is to make sure that the sensor is activated, to do this:

  1. Go to Settings ⇨ System app settings
  2. Now, tap on the Call Settings option
  3. Inside, tap Incoming Call Settings
  4. Look for Proximity Sensor and see if it is activated or not. If not, just tap to activate it.

activate proximity sensor on miui

Now, whether it is a Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO model , the process to calibrate the proximity sensor will be the same, and it will be this way:

  1. Open the CIT menu by dialing the following number: * # * # 6484 # * # *
  2. Once there, search and enter the Proximity Sensor Test option
  3. Now cover the proximity sensor with your finger until the number "5" changes to "0"
  4. Then tap on the Calibration button , and you're done! The sensor must be calibrated.

calibrate proximity sensor on miui

If in your case the Proximity Sensor Test option does not appear , you will have to press the icon with the 3 dots ⇨ Enter Proximity sensor calibration ⇨ Follow steps 3 and 4.

Types of proximity sensors used in Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco

Many people do not know it until they have the phone in their hands and the proximity sensor begins to fail in a call or WhatsApp audio.

  • But there are 3 types of sensors mainly used in Xiaomi, magnetic , photoelectric and ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic proximity sensors are the most widely used today and work by emitting an ultrasonic pulse that, when reflecting on an object and receiving the echo produced, converts it into electrical signals. They usually need a calibration from time to time, and can be improved by software to make them work better.

Calibrate your proximity sensor with free apps

This is another easy and fast option to try, we recommend that you try the Proximity Sensor Reset application ( see in Play Store ).

application to calibrate proximity sensor
Using this application is very simple, since it indicates the steps to follow , which is mainly to cover and uncover the proximity sensor of your phone, until the application automatically calibrates your phone .

Video tutorial on how to calibrate the sensor in Miui

In case you have any questions or problems with the calibration of the proximity sensor on your phone, we leave you a video-tutorial, where it will be easier to recalibrate it.


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