Bill Gates chats: That s why the Microsoft founder has an Android cell phone

Bill Gates chats: That s why the Microsoft founder has an Android cell phone

Bill Gates actually has enough money for an iPhone. Nevertheless, he prefers to use Android smartphones instead of cell phones from Apple. The founder of Microsoft also let himself be carried away to other statements in an interview.

Bill Gates says: Better Android than iPhones

In an interview about Clubhouse, Bill Gates revealed to a journalist that he himself uses a mobile phone with Android as the operating system. He didn't want to reveal exactly which one it was. But he has little objection to iPhones. He would "often play around" with them, but would prefer to use an Android cell phone in everyday life.

The Microsoft founder doesn't want to be bothered by the fact that the Clubhouse app was only available for iPhones for a long time. Unfortunately, it will remain a secret whether he himself had an iPhone in his hand during the interview. He also prefers Android because he wants to " keep track of everything " (source: Curved).

According to Gates, it is very practical considerations that lead him to Android and away from iOS. Compared to Apple's mobile operating system, Android is simply more flexible when it comes to the interaction of apps and operating system. In addition, some Android manufacturers would install Microsoft software "in a way" that made it easy for them. But he doesn't want to know anything about a religious war between Android and iOS. Many of his friends would rely on iPhones.

No matter if Android or iOS: These apps belong on every mobile phone.

Bill Gates: Steve Jobs was "one of a kind"

In the interview, Bill Gates was also asked about his relationship with Steve Jobs . It has long been no secret that the two were not best friends during Jobs' lifetime. In fact, Bill Gates confirmed in an interview that the relationship was "tense". Steve Jobs is described by him as "unique", which of course can be interpreted in different directions.


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