Apple s electric car: You have to see these pictures

Apple s electric car: You have to see these pictures

The Apple Car is still only available in the iPhone manufacturer's development studios. So we can't make a real impression of it yet. Conceptual images, on the other hand, quickly become futuristic. But not these designs. We haven't actually seen Apple's electric car like this before, it's worth taking a look.

It will be at least three or four years before Apple presents its in-house electric car. The US manufacturer could probably show us its idea of ​​electric mobility in 2024 at the earliest. Until then, we have to pass the time with imaginative concepts. But they often overshoot the mark and in the end are anything but realistic.

Apple Car inspired by real cars: concepts close to reality

So how could you get a realistic picture of the Apple Car ? It would be useful to orientate yourself towards existing vehicles in the automotive industry. This is what the makers of the British leasing comparison site "LeaseFetcher" thought. They picked up the digital pen, leafed through the latest car brochures and built their own concepts for Apple's electric car.

The first model is the Hyundai Ioniq . For the Koreans an important vehicle and namesake of a complete own series of future electric cars. For the concept, the artists "infected" the design with a few "splashes" of Apple's Magic Mouse . Pretty? Well, scoffers probably see a relationship to a bar of soap - everything is so nice and slippery.

Now it's getting sporty, because if a Nissan GT-R and an iPhone 12 Pro are thrown into the mixer, such a device could come out. For us it was more successful. Anyway: an electric Nissan GT-R? Where is he actually? The Japanese cult sports car actually deserved such an update.

We stay in the sporty climes. The next "organ donor" would be the Toyota Supra , which, according to the designer, receives a bit of the iPod classic here. Really? We can't see it right now. However, this does not harm the concept. On the contrary: beautiful curves, narrow "eyes" - a stylish appearance.

The Honda E is considered to be one of the most innovative e-cars, even serves as a "moving socket" for all kinds of devices and has a unique dashboard consisting of loud displays. If this vehicle had a hot night with the original iMac G3 , this "baby" with a transparent grille would come out.

Finally, a Korean "promenade mix" - here the Kia Soul EV meets the iMac Pro . The curved and sloping bonnet may still be appealing, but the rest? Somehow lacks elegance and sophistication. Nevertheless: SUVs are all the rage and are still absolute bestsellers. It is very possible that Apple will opt for a comparable body.

One of the role models from the real world, the cute and innovative Honda E:

Limitless imagination

In short: The Apple Car may still be a long way off, but the designs shown here demonstrate quite well how such a vehicle could fit into the current street scene. From this point of view, Apple as an automaker no longer seems so unrealistic . Hand on heart: Who would have thought 20 years ago that the "computer manufacturer" Apple would manufacture telephones and watches today? Right, nothing is impossible anymore.


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