Xiaomi has developed a chip that increases the battery of its phones by 10%

Recently, Xiaomi has developed a chip that can increase the battery capacity by up to 10% ; which translates into approximately 100 minutes of autonomy .

battery xiaomi

New technology for Xiaomi phone batteries

In fact, this technology is expected to be part of the batteries that will be integrated into the brand's mobile devices in the near future (very possibly in 2022).

Space-saving lithium-supplemented technology

This new battery is characterized by having a high-level silicon lithium supplement ; In other words, the silicon it presents is three times higher than in the batteries of the brand that we know today.

On the other hand, the battery has been reduced in size , in order to obtain a battery with a higher density ; although yes, with an enhanced effectiveness in the same volume.


Another item to consider is the alignment of the circuit protection module. And it is that it no longer has a flat shape, but is located at an angle of 90 degrees in relation to the battery cell , which allows to save even more space in its location.

New battery power indicator chip

Likewise, this new generation of batteries will present an energy indicator chip that uses algorithms of its own development, in order to analyze the state of the battery, prevent damage due to use and monitor nighttime charging .

On the other hand, presumably it will also be able to detect high temperatures that can damage it, in addition to making adjustments, improving its performance.


For now, mass production of these batteries is expected to take place in the second half of 2022; so it is quite likely that in the last months of the following year these types of batteries will already be included in the brand's new terminals .


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