This will be the first Xiaomi to arrive with MIUI 13 pre-installed

Wang Hua, a member of the Xiaomi Group Public Relations Department, has accidentally leaked through his Weibo profile that the Xiaomi 12 will arrive with MIUI 13 pre-installed . The slip occurred when Hua was responding to comments on the social network.

To be more specific, the Xiaomi representative commented that MIUI 13 would be ready to pack in the next few days. He also claimed that the Xiaomi 12 would arrive with a stable version of the new customization layer pre-installed .

Xiaomi 12 has a confirmed date and MIUI 13?

Next Tuesday, December 28, the world will welcome the new Xiaomi 12 . This has been recently confirmed by the Xiaomi team. However, the MIUI 13 customization layer still does not have an official presentation date , although it is presumed that it could debut together with the new Xiaomi terminal.

This will be the first Xiaomi to arrive with MIUI 13 pre-installed. Xiaomi  News

Likewise, the final appearance and characteristics that the new MIUI shell will have are unknown . However, the latest rumors have given us a good look at the news that MIUI 13 will implement on Xiaomi phones .

In terms of experience, the next layer of personalization is expected to far surpass the previous generation. According to rumors circulating on the network, MIUI 13 will offer users RAM expansion technology , adaptive widgets , new animations and a much more powerful privacy protection than in previous versions.

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