The best launchers that you can install on your Xiaomi

One of the most important advantages we have with Android devices; and with this, with any Poco, Redmi or Xiaomi smartphone, we can install a different launcher than the one found in Miui as pre-installed .

This gives us the opportunity to achieve better customization , as well as a greater number of functions , than if we simply stayed with the default launcher of the brand. Even, on several occasions we also achieved better speed .

best xiaomi launcher

What are the best launchers that we can install on our phone?

Thinking about it, on this occasion, we share with you a complete list of some of the best launchers that you can install on your Xiaomi this year .

Nova Launcher

Without a doubt, it is the most popular launcher today . Regarding its operation, we can say that it is very stable and solid; Furthermore, one of its main advantages is that it is a launcher with a high level of customization.

nova launcher

Finally, we must point out that it offers us a dark mode and a complete folder system, which can also be customized .

  • Download nova launcher

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is almost on par with Nova Launcher, both in popularity and performance. Like this one, it stands out for its high level of customization, both in terms of functions and its aesthetic appearance .

action launcher

Perhaps its main advantage is that almost all the functionalities that we will find in it are free; Although, to get the most out of it, we will have to pay a few euros that, to be honest, will not hurt too much if you want a more pro customization.

  • Download Action Launcher

Niagara Launcher

Over time, Niagara Launcher has managed to position itself as one of the best and most popular launchers for Android. Its main features include its minimalist and user-friendly interface . Although this should not deceive us, since the level of customization with which we find is extremely attractive and, frequently, new updates are added to it.

Niagara Launcher
  • Download Niagara Launcher

Shade Launcher

This launcher is ideal if you want to have your phone as similar to Android Stock, Google pixel type.

It works with any phone with Android 7 or higher and is free and very light.

  • Download Shade Launcher

Flick launcher

This launcher is relatively recent, and it also stands out for the options it gives us in terms of customization . We can download it for free in the Google Play Store . On the other hand, it has various security options, with which we can keep access to the apps that we select safe.

Flick launcher
  • Download Flick Launcher

Lawnchair launcher

When we are talking about the best launchers for Xiaomi, we could not leave out Lawnchair. The first thing that stands out is that its download and use are completely free. But not only that, but it also offers us an interesting variety of options, where Google Discover is included .

lawnchair launcher

Today, we can say that Lawnchair is positioned as one of the best options when it comes to quality and safe launchers. In addition, it stands out for its beautiful Android-style appearance that will surely delight more than one.

  • Download Lawnchair 2

Little Launcher 2.0

A launcher created by Xiaomi, we share with you the POCO launcher, which comes in most of the brand's smartphones and which notably improves its performance. Undoubtedly, an option that is worth it if you want to do without the Xiaomi launcher or want to try its functions.

little launcher
  • Download Poco Launcher

Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is also a recently arrived launcher on the Google Play Store, but which, despite the short time it takes, has already managed to place itself on the list of the best launchers for Xiaomi; And speaking of levels of customization, with Hyperion Launcher we can even choose to modify the animations .

Hyperion Launcher

Likewise, any element of the home screen that you want, you can customize it, be it the search bar, folders, security of the installed apps, etc.

  • Download Hyperion Launcher

Smart Launcher 5

In principle, this launcher stands out for being one of the ones that will occupy the least memory it will occupy on your device . In addition, its use is very simple, so it can be perfect for beginners.

It has more than 20 million downloads and is perfect for maintaining a good organization.

smart launcher
  • Download Smart Launcher 5

Microsoft Launcher

Developed by Microsoft, it can be one of the best options if you are looking for a launcher that can be integrated with other company applications such as Outlook.

Microsoft Launcher
  • Download Microsoft Launcher

Xiaomi Mint Launcher

Another keyboard of the brand, that not many know but that Xiaomi offers free to all Android phones. It has enough customization in terms of icons and forms of organization by categories , as well as options to hide applications.

mint launcher
  • Download Mint Launcher from Xiaomi

The best free and paid launchers today

We hope you liked this compilation of the best launchers that currently exist. If you want to learn how to install these launchers, we recommend that you see this tutorial:

  • Change default launcher on your mobile


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