Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: 108 MP camera will set new standards

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: 108 MP camera will set new standards

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung will soon present its latest high-end smartphone. In addition, new information has now emerged, which primarily concerns the capabilities of the main camera with 108 MP. According to the insider, this should set new standards in photography.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: camera gets much better

Update from December 21st, 2021: According to Ice Universe, the low-light properties of the 108 MP camera will also improve significantly. This should make photography at night and in difficult lighting conditions much better.

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Samsung will not install a 200 MP camera in the Galaxy S22 Ultra this year, but will greatly improve the already known 108 MP camera. At least that's what the industry insider "Ice Universe" claims on Twitter. He says that the image quality should improve greatly through artificial intelligence :

In terms of details, color and brightness, the Galaxy S22 Ultra should clearly stand out from the Galaxy S21 Ultra. He never wants to see a 108 MP camera that captures so much detail . Samsung is likely to follow the example of Google. The artificial intelligence in the pixel smartphones ensures that the photos look much more than the camera sensor itself would allow. That also creates real surprises, namely when a cheap pixel phone puts the expensive iPhone 13 Pro in your pocket.

How extensive the AI ​​from Samsung really is in the new Galaxy S22 Ultra can of course only be assessed once the smartphone has been officially presented. However, it should be clear that the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will also benefit from the improvements . Maybe even the mid-range smartphones, because the artificial intelligence could also ensure better image quality there. Of course, none of this has been confirmed.

Samsung's Galaxy S21 smartphones also offer good cameras:

Samsung Galaxy S22 will be introduced soon

Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra in February 2022. Then at the latest we will find out how good the camera of the new smartphone generation really is. The expectations are high, because the battery will probably be downgraded.


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