Oppo Unveils Folding Cell Phone: Has the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Find Its Master?

Oppo Unveils Folding Cell Phone: Has the Galaxy Z Fold 3 Find Its Master?

Oppo celebrates its premiere: With the Find N, the Chinese manufacturer has presented its first foldable smartphone. Compared to the top of the class Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Oppo's folding phone does a lot differently. Oppo is still silent about an important detail.

After Oppo recently gave a first preview of the Find N, the official presentation of the foldable smartphone will follow as part of Inno Day 2021. After four years of research and six generations of prototypes, Oppo apparently believes the time is ripe for its own folding phone .

"With the Oppo Find N we are showing new possibilities for smartphones and at the same time making foldable devices accessible to a wide range of users," says Chief Product Officer Pete Lau, who is best known to many as the founder of OnePlus. After the takeover by Oppo, Lau is now responsible for technical innovations in the group. The first major project of this kind is the Oppo Find N.

Oppo Find N is considerably more compact than the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Compared to Samsung, the only serious provider of folding smartphones to date, Oppo is taking a different approach with the Find N in many ways. This is particularly evident in the size: The Find N is considerably more compact than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, for example . The cover display measures just 5.49 inches on the outside with an aspect ratio of classic 18: 9. A frequent criticism of the Fold 3 is the cover display, which, with its 6.2 inches and long 25: 9 aspect ratio, looks more like a remote control and makes it difficult to operate. The Find N shouldn't have these problems.

Disadvantage of the whole thing: the internal display in the Oppo smartphone is, with a diagonal of 7.1 inches, significantly smaller than that of the Fold 3 , which is 7.8 inches. A test will first have to show whether Oppos or Samsung's approach is more practical in everyday life.

The flexible display in the Find N, however, offers top-class technology: refresh rate between 1 and 120 Hz, peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits and protected by UTG. According to the TÜV, according to Oppo, the display should "still open and close smoothly and with almost no creases" even after more than 200,000 folding processes.

The Oppo Find N in the trailer:

The water-drop hinge should close without a gap

According to Oppo, the self-developed "water-drop hinge" eliminates the gap between the two halves of the display when folded . This should create a "uniform overall impression". That would be a strong piece indeed - and something the Galaxy Z Fold 3 cannot come up with. We are excited.

Oppos folding cell phone scores in other places too

Apart from the display and folding technology, which is naturally the focus of a foldable smartphone, the Oppo Find N can also score in other areas. The Snapdragon 888 is used as the processor , with up to 12 GB of RAM at its side . So there is a good performance. With 512 GB of storage, there is also plenty of space for user data. Oppo uses a triple setup for the cameras:

Main camera: 50 MP, Sony IMX 766 wide angle: 16 MP Telephoto lens: 13 MP

The battery has a capacity of 4,500 mAh and can be charged to 100 percent in 70 minutes using 33 watt fast charging. Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging are also available. A dual speaker system with Dolby Atmos is supposed to provide "rich, realistic sound". Oppo's folding phone is unlocked via a fingerprint sensor in the middle.

Like Samsung, Oppo also promises to have adapted the Find N software to the various possibilities of the folding display - including the camera app or multitasking.

Oppo Find N: Price and market launch outside of China unclear

From December 23, the Oppo Find N will hit the market in China. The smartphone is then available in white, black and purple. In China, the Oppo Find N costs 7,699 yuan, which is the equivalent of 1,073 euros . The manufacturer has not yet commented on availability and prices in other markets.


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