New Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800, a water purifier and heater with an integrated display

Xiaomi does not stop surprising us with new and interesting products . An example of this is the new Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800 , a water purifier with an instant heating system that also comes with a tap with an integrated screen.

Unfortunately tap water often contains impurities that do not always go well with certain diets. This is where the Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800 takes center stage, purifying water quickly and easily, as well as economically .

Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800, features and price

In detail, the new Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800 is presented with an ultra-fast operating water purifier, based on the same operation of a reverse osmosis system .

Thanks to its various filters, the new Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800 manages to purify tap water instantly, also allowing us to serve it hot through its four modes: normal temperature (25ºC), preparing powdered milk (45ºC), for coffee ( 85ºC) or boiling (95ºC).

Nuevo Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800, un purificador y calentador de agua con pantalla integrada. Noticias Xiaomi A
Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800

In addition, this new Xiaomi water purifier has a tap with a touch screen on the top . Through this we can see the status of the filters or choose its multiple modes. In addition, it has Bluetooth , so we can also manage it from our smartphone.

As far as price is concerned, the Xiaomi Water Purifier Q800 is already on sale in China at a price of 3,999 yuan, about 553 euros at the change. That if, it is very unlikely that we will end up seeing it in the Global market.

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