iOS 16: These iPhones are about to end

iOS 16: These iPhones are about to end

Apple will probably allow us a first look at iOS 16 by June at the latest. As is well known, the manufacturer is secretly working on the next update. But in 2022, for the first time in a long time, some iPhone models will no longer be included, they are threatened with extinction because Apple is terminating support.

With the current iOS 15, Apple did not rule out any of the iPhones supported by iOS 14 to date, a fortunate circumstance for users of older cell phones. But in 2022 this could look different, as a current report suggests (source: iPhonesoft).

iOS 16 no longer compatible with iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and Co.

As a result, both the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the original, i.e. the first iPhone SE, are on Apple's hit list . They should not be compatible with iOS 16. And there are also cuts in Apple's tablets. The venerable iPad Air 2, the iPad mini 4, the fifth generation iPad and the iPad Pro from 2015 would no longer be supported by iPadOS 16.

In short: As it turns out, iPhones and iPads will have to have at least one Apple A10 chip in the future in order to be supported by iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Even if this seems dramatic at first, the fact is: Even with the upcoming end of support, Apple supports its devices with long-term updates like no other manufacturer. There should also be security updates at least here and there. So if you still use such a classic car, you don't have to dispose of it for a long time.

Even if iOS 15 is still running on old iPhones, the "Live Text" feature shown in the video requires at least an iPhone XS or iPhone XR:

Education about WWDC

But how reliable are the statements from iPhonesoft at all? Before (with iOS 13 and 14) they were correct, most recently with iOS 15 they were wrong. Even then, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE were coming to an end. It is well known that one was wrong, but in the end one should be proved right, so our guess.

There will be certainty at the WWDC in summer. Probably again at the beginning of June Apple will give a first foretaste of iOS 16 at the in-house developer fair and then officially reveal which devices will be supported for the release in the fall.


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