Intel s Secret Warehouse: How It Keeps Us All Safe

Intel s Secret Warehouse: How It Keeps Us All Safe

Nobody knows exactly where it is: Intel's secret warehouse. The internationally known chip manufacturer stores its own products there. There is a brilliant reason why they don't go on sale and Intel even buys back old devices.

Somewhere in Costa Rica is Intel's mysterious warehouse. The group does not disclose more detailed information, employees keep a low profile. Thousands of Intel products, mainly older ones, can be found in the chip manufacturer's special warehouse. Has the entire group been seized with collecting mania?

Old parts for customer service: That happens in Intel's warehouse

Hardly, because the warehouse serves a purpose that practically each of us uses. Intel collects and maintains old hardware there. Intel professionals from all over the world can use the currently around 3,000 Intel products to simulate software problems , work on them and test bug fixes - without any risk (source: Wall Street Journal). 50 new components are to be added every day, and plans are already being made to double the capacity.

You can find Intel components from the past ten years there. The project did not start until 2018. It was already difficult to get everything together, says Mohsen Fazlian from Intel. As the manager reports, they even had to search eBay to find older parts from their own production.

But why all the bother? Ultimately, Intel's wealth of components is a service to the customer. Instead of just looking at the latest developments, emphasis is also placed on maintaining existing buildings. Like other tech companies, Intel provides security-related software updates, but at some point the support will end. However, devices are often in use for a longer period of time.

Intel can also convince with new developments:

Intel is sitting on a treasure trove of technology

The result: Many devices are used in which security gaps are no longer regularly eliminated. If customers or security researchers report problems, the professionals at Intel can still react. In Costa Rica every possible build can be reproduced down to the smallest detail within 24 hours, they say. This in turn makes it easier to reproduce and resolve specific errors.

Problems can be eliminated from the safety of the laboratory, which can benefit millions of users. After all, there are Intel components in countless devices from smartphones and PCs to electric cars.


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