Google Maps: New function also helps in the lockdown light

Google Maps: New function also helps in the lockdown light

The temperatures are falling, the number of cases is still very high. Germany is not yet through with the corona pandemic. For anyone who feels uncomfortable with high human incidences, Google Maps has the ideal feature already in the making.

Germany is heading for the next Corona winter, with case numbers that in some cases significantly exceed those of the previous year. It can feel uncomfortable among people whether you have been vaccinated, tested or recovered - or none of the above. So if you prefer to stay away from crowds, Google Maps will help in the future.

Google Maps can recognize and avoid crowds

To this end, an already existing function is being massively expanded: Google Maps plans to launch the "Area Business" function shortly. While users have previously been able to see in shops or restaurants whether there are many customers there or at what time it is typically busy, this is now made possible for entire districts.

For this purpose, the live utilization from various institutions, including shops, cafes and restaurants, but also leisure facilities, is combined. In Google Maps you can see whether there is a lot going on in a specific area or in the city center, for example. You can then decide to avoid frequented areas (source: Google).

If you select a particularly busy area, Google Maps will continue to show the information in more detail. You can see whether the restaurant or museum is empty or there is a lot going on. According to Google, the Business Area should help avoid crowds - for example for relaxed Christmas shopping.

Those who prefer not to expose themselves to a higher probability of being infected can benefit as much as people who are in a hurry to get from A to B.

Practical tips that every user should know about Google Maps can be found in the video :

Google should deliver quickly

Google does not mention an explicit start date in the announcement, but they want to deliver in time for the holiday season, writes Amanda Leicht Moore, Product Director at Google Maps. The function is to start worldwide for Android and iOS. So that the feature is also available to Christmas shoppers in good time, you can now only take a few days.


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