{Disarmed} The lighter version of Android 12 is also 30% faster

The lighter version of Android 12 is also 30% faster

Despite the fact that the vast majority of users know Android 12 , many are not aware of the existence of the lightest version of the operating system. It's called Android 12 Go and it's specially designed for entry-level or low-power devices.

Android 12 lighter and 30% faster

This version of Google's operating system has the vast majority of features that are released in Android 12 , only that it is much more manageable for the vast majority of processors.

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It should be noted that there are applications already focused on this type of lighter operating systems, such as Google Go, YouTube or Google Maps.

What really makes it special is that different layers of customization such as MIUI can be based on this version to make it work more seamlessly on the most modest devices.

How to disable MIUI optimization on my Xiaomi mobile
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How to disable MIUI optimization on my Xiaomi mobile

It should be noted that Xiaomi optimizes its operating system based on the smartphone, so that it works in the best possible way in each case, in fact, let us remember that MIUI is driven by smartphones that range from the entry-level to the premium range.

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