Xiaomi Sport, a new and complete sports and health app

To the surprise of many, Xiaomi has presented in China a new application dedicated to health and sports, known as Xiaomi Sport Health . Basically, we can say that it is an app where we find the best of Xiaomi Health and Xiaomi Wear , counting in a single application with the functionalities of both.

aplicaciĆ³n xiaomi sport

What is the Xiaomi Sport app for? Will it replace Xiaomi Wear?

It will be, as of December 31, that this app will be the app that we will find by default on Xiaomi devices, and with which we can link different brand wereables , as well as follow the details of our physical activity; providing us, of course, all kinds of data regarding our state of health.

  • Steps
  • Calories burned
  • Hours of sleep
  • Among many other options

What features and functions are we talking about?

In addition to the various sports modes that we can follow, calorie counter, heart rate, meters or kilometers traveled, among others, the most interesting functions of Xiaomi Health are added. In fact, on this occasion, the heart rate measurement can be carried out precisely without the need to link any device , thanks to the sensor of the main camera.

xiaomi sport app

In this new monitoring application you can link your smart watch , and even bracelets like the Xiaomi Mi Band . Without a doubt, the only downside is that you will have to register your devices again and create a new profile in this new application.

In fact, all this data will remain recorded and we can return to them whenever we want in the application and in our created profile.

Presentation date and download of the Xiaomi Sport Health application

For now, however, the new Xiaomi Sport app is in a trial version (Beta), and will remain in this way until the following December 12. In addition, its official launch will be the last day of December. Moment in which we will have more information about whether we will also find this app available for the Global and Europe ROM.


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