Xiaomi registers the brand "Xiaomi Mobile": what it is about and what it will offer

In recent years Xiaomi has registered all kinds of trademarks. Xiaomi Express or even Xiaomi Travel are some of these that " Xiaomi Mobile " is now joining in the face of what could be its own telecommunications service.

As we can read through ITHome , Xiaomi has recently registered the trademark "Xiaomi Mobile" including in its registration a new logo that largely reminds us of the icon displayed on its terminals to indicate the amount of mobile coverage.

Xiaomi Mobile, what is this new brand about

According to the own registry where Xiaomi has obtained the brand "Xiaomi Mobile", this will be destined to the management of financial properties, advertising sales and communication services , which makes us think that we could be before a company of its own that will offer communication services and Internet access.

Xiaomi registra la marca "Xiaomi Mobile": de qué se trata y qué ofrecerá. Noticias Xiaomi A
Trademark registration «Xiaomi Mobile»

In addition, Xiaomi has registered the logo of this new brand, closely resembling the coverage indicator and adding a point on the last vertical line in order to show a logo that in itself turns out to be the word "my".

In short, Xiaomi seems to have new plans in hand. Still, only time will tell us what this new service is about and if it will finally be available beyond the Chinese borders.

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