Xiaomi: Over 100 Android smartphones receive a huge software update

Xiaomi: Over 100 Android smartphones receive a huge software update

Xiaomi has countless smartphones on the market. You only really notice how many there are when major software updates are pending. Now a list has appeared with all Xiaomi smartphones that should receive the update to MIUI 13 - and there are a lot of them.

Xiaomi wants to update over 100 Android smartphones

Anyone who brings many Android smartphones onto the market has to provide them with software updates for a certain period of time. It feels like Xiaomi releases a new cell phone every day. Accordingly, many updates are pending. Especially when new Android versions with adapted interfaces are to be published. With Xiaomi, MIUI 13 is just around the corner, some of which is distributed with Android 12 . Similar to Huawei, MIUI is detached from the Android version, so some models remain with Android 11.

A total of 118 Android devices from Xiaomi are supplied with MIUI 13 according to a leaked but unofficial list (source: XiaomiUI). This also includes devices from Poco and Redmi, which belong to Xiaomi and also use the same software. Newer models will get Android 12 directly, older smartphones will stay with Android 11 . This includes, for example, the popular Mi 9.

All Xiaomi devices that should receive MIUI 13:

Mi 10 Mi 10S Mi 10 Pro Mi 10 Lite Mi 10 Lite Zoom Mi 10 Ultra Mi 10T Mi 10T Pro Mi 10i Mi 10T Lite Mi 11 Mi 11 Pro Mi 11 Ultra Mi 11i Mi 11X Pro Mi 11X Mi 11 Lite Mi 11 Lite 5G Xiaomi 11T Xiaomi 11T Pro Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Xiaomi CIVI Xiaomi MIX 4 Xiaomi MIX FOLD Xiaomi Pad 5 Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5G Mi Note 10 / Pro Mi Note 10 Lite Mi 9 Mi 9 SE Mi 9 Lite Mi 9 Pro 5G Mi 9T Mi 9T Pro Mi CC 9 Mi CC 9 Pro

All Redmi devices that should receive MIUI 13:

Redmi 9T Redmi 9 Power Redmi 10X 5G Redmi 10X Pro Redmi 10 Redmi 10 Prime Redmi 9A Redmi 9AT Redmi 9i Redmi 9A Sport Redmi 9i Sport Redmi 9C Redmi 9C NFC Redmi 9 (India) Redmi 9 Activ (India) Redmi 9 Prime Redmi 9 Redmi 10X 4G Redmi K30 4G Redmi K30 5G Redmi K30i 5G Redmi K30 5G Speed ​​Edition Redmi K30 Pro Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Redmi K30 Ultra Redmi K30S Ultra Redmi K40 Redmi K40 Pro Redmi K40 Pro + Redmi K40 Gaming Redmi K20 Redmi K20 (India) Redmi K20 Pro Redmi K20 Pro (India) Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition Redmi Note 8 2021 Redmi Note 9 4G Redmi Note 9 5G Redmi Note 9T 5G Redmi Note 9S Redmi Note 9 Pro (India) Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global) Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G ( China) Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Redmi Note 10 Redmi Note 10S Redmi Note 10 (China) Redmi Note 10 5G (Global) Redmi Note 10T (India) Redmi Note 10T (Russia) Redmi Note 10 JE (Japan) Redmi Note 10 Lite ( India) Redmi Note 10 Pro (India) Redmi Note 10 Pro Max (India) Redmi Note 10 Pro (Global Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G (China) Redmi Note 11 (China) Redmi Note 11T (India) Redmi Note 11 JE (Japan) Redmi Note 11 Pro (China) Redmi Note 11 Pro + (China) Redmi Note 8 Redmi Note 8T Redmi Note 8 Pro Redmi Note 9

All Poco devices that should receive MIUI 13:

Poco F2 Pro Poco F3 Poco F3 GT Poco X2 Poco X3 (India) Poco X3 NFC Poco X3 Pro Poco X3 GT Poco M3 Poco M2 Pro Poco M3 Pro 5G Poco M4 Pro 5G Poco M2 Poco M2 Reloaded Poco C3 Poco C31

In the video we show you what will change with Android 12:

MIUI 13 could be presented in mid-December

Allegedly, Xiaomi will introduce MIUI 13 on December 16 . The presentation of the Xiaomi 12 smartphones should also take place on the same day. The software updates for the countless Android devices should of course take some time. Newer models are supplied first, the older models a little later. In the future, new smartphones should appear directly with MIUI 13.


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