Xiaomi is planning a huge software update for its Android smartphones

Xiaomi is planning a huge software update for its Android smartphones

Xiaomi is bringing more and more new Android smartphones onto the market, but has also received a lot of criticism for the MIUI software lately. In particular, the problems and errors of the heavily adapted software annoy many users of Xiaomi smartphones. This is about to change soon.

Xiaomi is planning a major update to MIUI 13

Not so long ago, Xiaomi released MIUI 12, a new interface for its Android smartphones. This quickly turned out to be a big mistake, because it contained countless bugs that were really annoying in the long run. Xiaomi was able to eliminate most of the errors with MIUI 12.5, but really concentrated on troubleshooting. With MIUI 13, many new functions are to be integrated again (source: GizChina).

Xiaomi can update MIUI like Huawei EMUI regardless of the Android operating system . Some smartphones will receive MIUI 13 with Android 11, while other models will receive Android 12. According to internal information, Xiaomi wants to ensure that older smartphones that would not actually receive an Android OS update also benefit from MIUI 13.

It is currently not known which new functions Xiaomi will integrate with MIUI 13. What is clear, however, is that it will be a very large update . It should be presented at the end of 2021. That would in turn indicate that MIUI 13 will appear together with the Xiaomi 12. The new top smartphone is also expected towards the end of 2021. Then with a high probability directly with Android 12.

In any case, Xiaomi wants to ensure that with MIUI 13 not as many problems arise again as with MIUI 12 and that you then have to improve again over months.

We present the latest Xiaomi smartphone in detail in the video :

Xiaomi has improved Android update policy

With the Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro, the Chinese company has improved its update policy somewhat. There are three OS updates from Android and four years of security updates for these two smartphones. That probably doesn't count for all new models, because the Redmi smartphones do not have an update guarantee. But it could apply to the Xiaomi 12.


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