Xiaomi changes the design of its Fastboot saying goodbye to its MITU pet

Xiaomi has changed the design of its Fastboot. His charismatic mascot, MITU, says goodbye to us to give way to a more minimalist and "serious" design , in which we can only read the name of this starter menu.

For those of you who do not know it, the Fastboot is a boot system that we can access precisely when we turn on any Xiaomi device and from which we can load the operating system, change the MIUI version or even the type of ROM.

Xiaomi updates the design of its Fastboot

As kacskrz shows us, Xiaomi has updated its Fastboot in its latest Closed Beta . Now its design is much cleaner, disappearing the image of your MITU mascot repairing a "broken Android".

Xiaomi cambia el diseño de su fastboot diciendo adiós a su mascota MITU. Noticias Xiaomi A
Old and new Xiaomi Fastboot

With this, Xiaomi ends a long era in which many of us have seen this screen for better or for worse. Perhaps this is the beginning of a goodbye to your pet or simply a formalization of your personalization layer in search of a more serious appearance.

Of course, at the moment this change is only present in the Beta directed to the China ROM . It will be necessary to see if it is finally part of the changes present in the Stable version and if it also ends up reaching the Global and European ROMs.

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