What happened to Black Friday? Concentration, please!

What happened to Black Friday? Concentration, please!

What did retailers not really understand? In general, Friday is regarded as a single day of the week, but the calendar is thrown overboard in the race to get the last euro out of customers' pockets. Black Weekend, Black Week next year maybe Black Month? It is enough! I want to go back a single day of shopping. More about that from me now in the current issue of the weekend column.

There's a good reason Black Friday is called Black FRIDAY. The situation used to be clear: the fourth Friday in November, always right after Thanksgiving, was and is the shopping day in the USA. The well-fed family sets out and pays homage to commerce. The trade offers huge discounts in the battle for the best Christmas present. The tradition spilled over to us too, initially initiated primarily by Apple.

Black Friday is getting inflationary: does it have to be?

Later other traders jumped up too. Amazon initially waived and devised a counter offer only for online shoppers on the following Cyber ​​Monday. But one thing was clear: discounts were only available on this single day. But why actually, thought the trade? And so Black Friday quickly became Black Weekend. Everything that wasn't over the table on Friday was sold on the weekend without further ado. All right, I can see that.

However, the magicians of business administration were not satisfied with that. One of those grand masters of mammon remembered the magic word "scaling". For the ignorant: make a lot out of a little and in a simple way. And so the Black Weekend became Black Week. Actually, we have to speak of weeks now, because mostly various dealers with corresponding offers currently start a good two weeks earlier and also hang on for a few days until December.

Insider knowledge about Black Friday, enriched by us in the video :

The interested customer is therefore in a state of constant alarmism and thus constantly on the hunt for the better deal . In truth, however, there are usually not really good deals left, despite or perhaps precisely because of the inflationary number of shopping days. Instead, quite a few offers that are more "semi-great".

My thoughts on the weekend: The column would like to provide food for thought and reflect the "flood of news" of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

Tell me Disney, don't you want my money? Samsung, LG and Co: Listen, televisions have to get "stupid" again. Big iPad for little money: is Apple ignoring this wish?

Back to the roots

Seriously now: Can we maybe agree to go back to the origin? A single day of shopping, or the weekend for recycling leftovers, but that's good too. But then again really blatant deals. The current watering down of Black Friday is not doing any good, neither for retailers and manufacturers, nor for customers.

In other words: Make Black Friday great again!


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