U-turn at Apple: You will soon be able to repair your iPhones yourself

U-turn at Apple: You will soon be able to repair your iPhones yourself

If you have a broken iPhone, you can use a screwdriver yourself in the future. In a surprising step, Apple has now announced that it will grant customers access to original parts, tools and repair instructions. And the environment should also benefit from the new self-service repair.

In the past, Apple has repeatedly taken action against unofficial repairers. The self-service repair that the Californian company announced today is all the more surprising (source: Apple).

Apple enables independent repair of iPhones and Macs

The name says it all : Owners of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 should also be able to carry out repairs on their smartphones independently from the beginning of 2022 . In addition to original parts, Apple also provides tools and repair instructions . Initially, self-service repairs will be offered in the USA from 2022, and the repair option is to be expanded to other countries in the course of the year. In addition to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, Mac computers with an M1 chip also take part in the self-service repair.

In the first phase, according to Apple, the focus will be on the display, battery and camera for the iPhone . These are the "most frequently serviced components." Later in the year there should be the possibility of additional repairs.

It should be a new iPhone 13? In the video we explain the differences between the individual models:

Apple's self-service repair is aimed at tech-savvy people

According to Apple , the new repair service is aimed at "tech-savvy people" who have the necessary knowledge about repairing electronic items. Customers should first read the repair manual and then order the original parts and tools from the new store. According to Apple, it will offer more than 200 tools and individual parts for repairing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Customers who return their used parts to Apple for recycling should also receive a credit for their purchase.


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