Special smartphone: Motorola will beat Xiaomi and Samsung

Special smartphone: Motorola will beat Xiaomi and Samsung

Motorola could achieve a surprise success. The smartphone manufacturer occasionally brings new cell phones onto the market, but they don't get as much attention as they did a few years ago. Motorola is now supposed to get ahead of Xiaomi and Samsung and set an example.

Motorola first wants to install a 200 MP camera in the smartphone

Many manufacturers of Android smartphones have been using 108 MP camera sensors for some time. But it won't stop there, because Samsung presented a 200 MP sensor for smartphones at the beginning of September. Xiaomi was actually the hottest candidate who, with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, could be the first manufacturer to launch an Android smartphone with the 200 MP sensor from Samsung. But it won't happen that quickly:

According to the well-informed Leaker Ice Universe, Motorola will first launch an Android smartphone with 200 MP . It remains to be seen whether that will happen this year or not until the beginning of 2022. Xiaomi should only follow afterwards. Xiaomi is only expected to launch a smartphone with a 200 MP camera in the second half of 2022. It is quite possible that it is the Xiaomi 13 Ultra or Xiaomi Mix 5. Samsung does not want to install its own 200 MP sensor in a smartphone until 2023. So then probably in the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It will be exciting to see how good the image quality of the Motorola smartphone with a 200 MP camera will be. Just because you install a sensor with so many pixels doesn't mean that the image quality is also outstanding. The software then has to fit .

In the video we show you an exciting technology that Motorola has developed:

Motorola Edge 30 Pro with 200 MP camera?

Motorola has so far installed a 108 MP sensor in the Edge 20 Pro. The successor could of course then be equipped with a 200 MP sensor. Except for the resolution of the camera in an upcoming Motorola smartphone, there is no further information. So we have to be surprised.


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