Slap for Google: Pixel 6 Pro is subject to Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple

Slap for Google: Pixel 6 Pro is subject to Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple

With the Pixel 6 Pro, Google has presented an excellent Android smartphone and has upgraded it in many areas. The Google cell phone is set to set new standards, especially when it comes to the camera. However, it cannot quite keep up with smartphones from Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple.

Google Pixel 6 Pro is subject to DxOMark's camera test

The new camera and software features are one of the main selling points for the Pixel 6 Pro. Google has installed new sensors in the smartphone and thus finally said goodbye to the age-old versions that were installed in the predecessors. The software reached its limits and so the hardware had to be upgraded and expanded. A new 50 MP main sensor is now installed , which is supported by a 12 MP ultra wide angle and 48 MP telephoto lens. There is of course a lot of AI optimization. But is that enough for the camera throne at DxOMark?

Indeed not, as the result now published shows (source: DxOMark). For the Google Pixel 6 Pro it is only enough for seventh place. The Huawei P50 Pro remains unchallenged at the top, followed by the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. At least in this camera test, Google cannot beat Apple's iPhone 13 Pro models and is just beaten by two points .

Overall, however, DxOMark is impressed by the Google Pixel 6 Pro's camera . Compared to its predecessors in particular, Google has stepped up a lot and with the three sensors you can now play at the top. Especially in good light, but also in difficult situations, the Pixel 6 Pro shows its strengths to the full with the AI. On the other hand, it is criticized that you cannot see the blurring effect in the preview. In addition, image noise should occur in low-light situations. The ultra-wide-angle camera also doesn't capture as much as one is used to from the competition.

In the video we show you what makes the Google Pixel 6 so special:

Google Pixel 6 Pro also convinced in our camera test

DxOMark rates the cameras of the Google Pixel 6 Pro in many individual points. Even if the smartphone achieved a few points less, the cameras are still excellent, as we also found out in the Pixel 6 Pro test. At a price of 899 euros, the smartphone is also significantly cheaper than all other models with a better rating . And it doesn't just have a good camera, it also has many special features that no other smartphone in the world offers. That's why it's completely out of print.


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