Signal Messenger is working on a far-reaching change for users

Signal Messenger is working on a far-reaching change for users

The Signal Messenger is very popular. Along with WhatsApp and Telegram, it is one of the largest messengers in the world. Now there is a big change pending that will make Messenger a little easier and even improve privacy.

Signal Messenger wants to introduce usernames

If you want to use the Signal Messenger, you have to enter your mobile phone number, as with WhatsApp. The account is then linked to this and you can find other contacts via mobile phone numbers. That is exactly what is supposed to change. The Messenger is to be expanded to include user names in the future. That doesn't sound very exciting at first, but it's a big change (source Teltarif).

Signal users will soon be able to give themselves an optional user name and activate it. This has two decisive advantages:

You can find people by their username even if you don't know their cell phone number. Signal users can hide their mobile phone number and thus increase data protection.

In particular, the hiding of the mobile phone number is a great security gain. Because you do n't want to automatically share the number with every contact . So far, you have to give the number inevitably if you want to communicate via signal.

Signal is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives. In the video we introduce you to even more:

Signal does not want to replace cell phone numbers

The fact remains that user names will not replace cell phone numbers in Signal. Anyone who logs into the messenger must enter a mobile phone number for unambiguous identification. Only afterwards can you optionally choose a user name and activate it on the profile.

The function will soon be tested in a beta version of Signal and will then be made available to everyone. There is no specific time for this yet. The plans seem to be very advanced. In the last change, Signal proved that problems are addressed the right way.


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