Samsung launches Black Friday: 2-for-1 promotion with phones, tablets and more

Samsung launches Black Friday: 2-for-1 promotion with phones, tablets and more

Samsung is participating in Black Friday with many offers this year. This includes a 2-for-1 offer, there are top smartphones at a greatly reduced price, accessories are free when you buy devices, and low-cost tariff offers. Below are the best deals.

Black Friday at Samsung with great offers

Samsung's best Black Friday deals:

The top deal from Samsung is the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 256 GB of internal storage for a mere 799 euros (see Samsung). The smartphone normally costs 1,049 euros at other retailers. When it hit the market, Samsung wanted 1,299 euros. A real hammer price.

As an inexpensive alternative, Samsung sells the Galaxy A12, a 64 GB entry-level smartphone for only 169 euros. But you get the wireless Galaxy Buds Live headphones for free. Together you would normally have to pay 258 euros. As part of Black Friday, it is only 169 euros (check it out at Samsung).

The deal with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is also interesting. You buy the Samsung tablet in the WiFi or 5G version for from 479 euros and get the keyboard cover for free (check it out at Samsung).

If you want a Samsung Smartwatch, you can buy the latest generation of the Galaxy Watch 3 from Samsung for just 159 euros (see it at Samsung). The 45 mm model is available from Saturn for 166 euros (see Saturn).

Otherwise, the following actions are still running directly at Samsung:

Samsung Smartwatches with a discount of up to 150 euros ( check out at Samsung) QLED TVs of the Frame series with strong discounts ( check out at Samsung) Household appliances are also reduced in price ( check out at Samsung) Very good tariffs with Samsung devices in different networks (look at Samsung) buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and get 300 euros more exchange bonus (see at Samsung)

Samsung deals with other retailers

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for 399 euros
(look at MediaMarkt)
Small smartphone insider tip, as this is the better version with Qualcomm processor, which has a significantly higher performance than the Exynos version. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm for 166 euros
(look at Otto) (look at MediaMarkt) (look at Saturn)
Beautiful last generation Tizen smartwatch that sells at a really cheap price. Samsung has now switched to Wear OS as the operating system for smartwatches, so updates will only be available for a limited time. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44 mm for 119.99 euros
(look at Amazon)
Also a very nice watch that I own myself. Also works with Tizen and will therefore not receive any more updates in a while. Nevertheless, you can currently track sporting activities, measure blood pressure and even create an EKG at a low price. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite for 99 euros
(look at MediaMarkt) (look at Saturn)
If you are looking for a relatively small and inexpensive Android tablet, you've come to the right place. An 8.4-inch model with a long runtime and a stylish design is available for just 99 euros. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Plus) for from 479 euros
(look at Samsung)
The current high-end tablets from Samsung are sold directly from the manufacturer at very attractive prices. The normal Galaxy Tab S7 costs 479 euros, the plus model with a larger AMOLED display only costs 679 euros. It couldn't be cheaper. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for 59 euros
(look at MediaMarkt) (look at Saturn)
Solid in-ear headphones with a long runtime and good sound. A really good offer for 59 euros.

The best tips for Black Friday in video :


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