Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 falling in price: Android tablet with LTE at a top price

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 falling in price: Android tablet with LTE at a top price

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is currently one of the best Android tablets on the market. It offers high performance, has a great display, stylish design and can optionally be operated with a stylus. After a few months on the market, the price drops significantly. The LTE model is currently available from Samsung directly at the best price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 falling in price

When the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 was presented in August 2020 and launched shortly afterwards, it was offered for almost 700 euros, the LTE version was even more expensive. Since then the price has moved significantly down. Not as strong as one might have expected from a Samsung product, but still quite clear.

Samsung is currently running the "Black Weeks" campaign, where you can get selected products at particularly low prices. The LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is also available there for only 549 euros (check it out at Samsung). This is by far the cheapest price. Normally you have to pay 699 euros for the LTE version at other retailers.

If the normal Galaxy Tab S7 is too small for you, you can also use the 5G model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, which is also sold at the absolute best price of 799 euros.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 so interesting?

With the Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung has managed to build a really convincing Android tablet. The 11-inch diagonal display supports 120 Hz and ensures that all content is displayed smoothly. Thanks to the high brightness of the LTPS panel, outdoor use is not a problem. The pen is always with you and allows handwritten entries. The four speakers also made a positive impression in the test of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. This makes media consumption a lot of fun. The Qualcomm processor ensures high performance and the huge battery ensures a long runtime. The only downer? Android apps are not always perfectly adapted for tablets. Unfortunately, you have to live with this disadvantage.


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