Samsung: 2-for-1 campaign with phones, tablets and more launched on Black Friday

Samsung: 2-for-1 campaign with phones, tablets and more launched on Black Friday

Samsung is of course also participating in Black Friday again this year. But you don't have to wait for November 26th, 2021, because the "Black Weeks" offers are already starting this year. You can find the best deals below.

Samsung starts Black Friday with "Black Weeks" offers

This year every retailer seems to be starting Black Friday too early. The first offers are already running at Amazon. And Samsung doesn't want to wait until November 26th this time, when Black Friday traditionally takes place. The following offers on this special page apply with immediate effect (look at Samsung).

Samsung's best Black Friday deals:

The focus is on Samsung's 2-for-1 promotion. You can choose from different products and get the second device for free . An example: Buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 with 256 GB for 799 euros and get the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite worth over 300 euros for free (check it out at Samsung). But you can also choose a folding smartphone, for example, and receive a Galaxy Watch 3 as a free bonus. The second product always saves you a lot of money.

If you prefer to have a tablet, you can buy the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus with 5G modem from Samsung for only 799 euros (check it out at Samsung).

The brand new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is of course also reduced in price. Depending on the model, up to 150 euros will be deducted directly from the shopping cart. You can get the Galaxy Watch 4 with 40 mm for 219 euros (check it out at Samsung).

Samsung has also reduced many other household items and IT products. Anyone looking for a new mobile phone contract could also find it. There are many exciting offers available directly from Samsung.

In this video we explain in detail how Black Friday actually came about:

Samsung deals with other retailers too

Black Friday is of course not just an event from Samsung. Various dealers will also offer Samsung products. Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn and Otto in particular could play a decisive role here. At these dealerships, Samsung products were repeatedly available at low prices at events.

If you don't want to miss a good Samsung offer, save this article. We will fill it with offers in the coming days and weeks and update it again and again so that you always know which Samsung products are currently on offer. You can find more top offers in this article.


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