Plush Pie Smart Pet the latest gadget from Xiaomi for your cat

At Xiaomi YouPin you also have the opportunity to find solutions designed for our pets. In this case, for cats .

xiaomi youpin juguete inteligente para gatos

The perfect proof of this is the recently launched Plush Pie Smart Pet, it is a smart toy designed for cats and has already been presented on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform.

Plush Pie Smart Pet: Xiaomi Cat Toy Features

First of all, we must make it clear that it is not a totally new gadget; since, in reality, Xiaomi's Plus Pie Smart Pet is based on an idea launched by the brand in the past. However, this does not reduce its effectiveness in any way, since it can provide hours and hours of fun to our beloved cats (and why not, also to us).

  • This toy can be controlled remotely by means of our smartphone ; with which we can participate in the game at all times.

xiaomi youpin smart cat toy

Regarding the materials in which it is manufactured, it is mainly ABS and PVC; This, in addition, makes it quite light, so it barely weighs 49 grams . While, with regard to its colors, it is designed in a combination that draws even more the attention of cats .

Thanks to the fact that it has connectivity with both the Xiaomi app and Bluetooth , we have the opportunity to control its movements at all times. This makes it quite fun, coupled with three different game modes , which are: manual, based on the interaction received and continuous rotation.

  • In manual mode you can make it turn left or right as well as making sounds.

xiaomi youpin smart cat toy

The Plush Pie Smart Pet is equipped with LED lights in green, blue and red colors , which will make it look even more beautiful at night; as well as a 3,000 mAh battery for long-lasting games with your cat.

What is the price and availability of the new Plush Pie Smart Pet?

As we have mentioned, it is available on Xiaomi Youpin (for now, only here); although, it is expected that with the price of € 9.5 at the exchange rate, or 69 yuan, it can be purchased in Europe in the following weeks.

  • We will update this article when this interactive cat toy is available at the following link:
See availability of the Xiaomi Plush Pie Smart Pet

If, on the contrary, you cannot wait, we recommend this other Mijia gadget , take a look!

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