OnePlus 10 Pro: Savings are made on the camera

OnePlus 10 Pro: Savings are made on the camera

Little by little, more and more details about the OnePlus 10 Pro are coming to light. When it comes to the camera, however, there is bad news for zoom fans: The manufacturer would like to do without a periscope lens.

OnePlus 10 Pro planned without a periscope lens

Many high-quality smartphones rely on a periscope camera to enable an even deeper zoom . With conventional zoom lenses there is no longer any optical magnification due to lack of space, while the "submarine cameras" with a prism allow deeper insights. OnePlus is not impressed by this, because the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro will apparently be manufactured without a periscope lens.

The new information comes from the Leaker Digital Chat Station. He also states that the Pro model of the OnePlus 10 uses a "regular" telephoto lens instead. However, this should also offer a triple optical zoom as well as a digital magnification by a factor of 30 (source: Digital Chat Station via Android Authority). The OnePlus 9 Pro and earlier flagships did not use a periscope camera either.

We don't yet know anything about the properties of the other cameras. In addition to the skin sensor, an ultra-wide angle can be assumed. OnePlus is also likely to continue to work with Hasselblad to improve the OnePlus 10 Pro's photo capabilities - even if such collaborations are not undisputed.

How did smartphone cameras get so good? The answer in the video :

OnePlus 10 (Pro) appears earlier than expected

OnePlus does not want to officially present its next two smartphones in March 2022, as originally expected, but in January or February. The manufacturer may have decided on an earlier date because of the Galaxy S22 series from Samsung. Samsung's top phones are slated to be shown in early February.

In Germany, however, the early start should not be put aside, because the OnePlus 10 (Pro) with turbo battery will only be offered in China, at least in the first few weeks.


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