o2 succeeds sensation: suddenly no longer the worst mobile network

o2 succeeds sensation: suddenly no longer the worst mobile network

For years, the O2 network has been considered the weakest option in Germany. The massive expansion of the infrastructure is suddenly bearing fruit and the previously inviolable order is being turned on its head for the first time in a Germany-wide network test. A top dog has to vacate second place.

O2 suddenly has the second best cellular network

How could that happen? Did the big promises to expand the O2 cellular network suddenly have a positive effect? At least that is what it seems if you let yourself through the network test from "Smartphone Magazin". They drove a total of 20,000 kilometers through Germany and tested the Telekom, Vodafone and o2 networks in various regions. The following result came out:

Telekom continues to have the undisputed best mobile network in Germany. Telekom took first place both in the country and in the city. Then the big surprise. With a total of 283 points, o2 takes second place . In the country the network is weaker than that of Vodafone, but in the city it is almost as good as that of Telekom. This means that Vodafone only lands in third place and, at least according to this network test, has the currently worst mobile network in Germany to offer

Of course, this does not automatically mean that CO2 has gotten better everywhere now. In the individual disciplines that Smartphone Magazin tested, sometimes O2 is better, sometimes Vodafone . In addition, you have to take a close look at where you use the network most often. In the country, you should still use Vodafone or Telekom. In the city, however, it no longer necessarily has to be Telekom or Vodafone, where CO2 is now also a very good option.

O2 is usually much cheaper than the competition

The expansion of the o2 network is bearing fruit and can also be substantiated with concrete figures. Since O2 cell phone tariffs are often much cheaper than Vodafone or Telekom tariffs, O2 would now be a good option again. Many prepaid customers, such as Aldi Talk, who also use this network, also benefit from this. Regardless of whether it is ranked 2nd or 3rd, it is important that the O2 network has become better and it is primarily the customers who benefit from this. And with 5G you now want to really accelerate.


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