Netflix launches gaming service, but not for everyone - xiaomist Headlines

Netflix launches gaming service, but not for everyone - xiaomist Headlines

Netflix takes the step into gaming. The service not only wants to host films and series, gamers should also find what they are looking for in the future. In this issue of xiaomist Headlines, you can find out all that and what else has happened this week.

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Netflix Games launched

The roll-out of Netflix Games started this week. All subscribers will now have access to the Netflix games library at no additional charge. The only restriction: the gaming service is initially only available on Android. The games are not streamed, but are downloaded to the smartphones in the conventional way. However, there are only five titles to choose from at the start.

Apple is building fewer iPads for the sake of the iPhone

As Nikkei Asia reports, Apple is said to have massively cut back production of iPads in order to have enough components for the iPhone 13. Around 50 percent fewer iPads are said to have been built in the past two months to meet the demand for iPhones. And some components from older iPhone generations are now to be installed in the iPhone 13 so that production can continue.

The result should sound familiar: With some iPad models, you can already wait a few weeks for delivery, so if you want to give one away for Christmas, you should have bought it yesterday.

Nintendo Switch: Not enough consoles for Christmas

The same goes for the Nintendo Switch, by the way. As reported by Reuters, Nintendo had to cut its production of the console over 20 percent this fiscal year. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said in a briefing: "We cannot produce enough to meet the demand that we expect for the coming Christmas season" and "currently there are no signs of improvement".

Microsoft tops Geekbench's Android charts

Which manufacturers do we think of when people talk about particularly fast Android smartphones? Probably not to Microsoft.
According to Geekbench, the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 currently tops the list of Android benchmarks. The Snapdragon 888 was installed, which is also providing top performance in other smartphones.
In the tests, the dual-screen smartphone has so far rather disappointed due to poor camera performance and bugs in the software.

"GoldenEye 007" no longer on the index

Retro fans have something to celebrate! More than 24 years after the release, "GoldenEye 007" for the Nintendo 64 has now been removed from the index.

Why is this happening now? We can only speculate. Apparently, however, the deletion was actively requested, otherwise the title would have been removed from the list in the coming year after 25 years. So is a remake in the works, or will we see the title again in digital stores soon?
We may find out in the next few weeks.


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