MIUI 13 will change your Xiaomi completely: this will be the new interface

A few days ago, the CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, declared through his social networks that the presentation of MIUI 13 is getting closer and closer . Although the new layer of customization has been a lot to talk about for several months, it is still unknown what the final appearance of its interface will be .

However, a large number of rumors and leaks have provided everything you need to get a clear and accurate idea about the appearance of the customization layer . For this reason we have decided to put together everything that is known about the possible new interface of MIUI 13 , which will completely change your Xiaomi.

Many interesting widgets

The new layer of customization not only seeks to correct errors of the past, just as MIUI 12.5 Enhance Edition did, but also wants to present a completely renewed and innovative image . The leaks from China on the MIUI 13 aspect were related to the inclusion of new and brand-new widgets to the interface .

Numerous MIUI 13 Widgets

It is no longer just about the daily activity or weather widgets, but now MIUI 13 presents a wide variety of shortcuts whose aim is to facilitate the management and interaction of the device .

A new My Launcher

New My Launcher

The leaks of the closed beta of MIUI 13 directed to the Chinese ROM also showed how Mi Launcher, the application launcher of the customization layer, was updated . Now both the system launcher and the app vault have been working to make way for something totally new.

Merging the launcher with the vault will allow the integration of multiple widgets and shortcuts . Likewise, a widget store will also be available to personalize the device , which you can access from the desktop settings. In addition, both the widget actions and the desktop editor will feature a repertoire of new animations .

New MIUI 13 search bar

As if that were not enough, the update of the My launcher reveals a new search bar , whose appearance closely resembles the search engine of iOS devices.

New minimalist control center

Another of the changes that the new MIUI 13 customization layer will presumably present will be a much more minimalist control center than its past versions .

This leak emerged in mid-July, and revealed a control center that retains the same elements of MIUI 12 and 12.5, but displayed in a simpler way .

New minimalist control center MIUI 13

The supposed new control center has a somewhat iOS-like appearance, and organizes its elements in two columns . It also incorporates a block in which you can view information about the step count, financial balances and the number of hours in which you use the device.

New Smart Toolbox sidebar

Finally, one of the novelties that may be present in MIUI 13 is the new Smart Toolbox sidebar . This new feature belongs to an update of the Security app, and is only available in the China ROM .

New Smart-Toolbox MIUI 13

Regarding its appearance, the Smart Toolbox is very reminiscent of the Xiaomi Pad 5 application dock, and also the MIUI floating ball. The new bar is in charge of showing the most used or recently used applications .

In addition, the Smart Toolbox allows you to adjust its location, can be hidden automatically, and allows the selection of fixed applications to display. Although at the moment it only works in China, there is a high probability that the Global ROM and the European ROM of MIUI 13 have this new exclusive function.

The MIUI 13 entry will change your Xiaomi completely: this will be the new interface was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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