Ivacy VPN: Powerful Black Friday VPN service available at an unbeatable discount

Ivacy VPN: Powerful Black Friday VPN service available at an unbeatable discount

In the run-up to Black Friday 2021, the high-performance VPN service Ivacy VPN is available with an unbeatable discount of 90% + 2 TB of cloud storage and a password manager as free gifts. At xiaomist you get all the details about the deal and the advantages of the provider.

Icacy VPN available at an incredible 90% discount + 2TB cloud storage + password manager

VPN services enjoy great popularity due to the diverse possibilities and advantages of anonymization and security. A recommendable provider is Ivacy VPN, whose VPN service is available for Black Friday 2021 with a dream discount of 90% . In addition, you get a whopping 2 TB of cloud storage and a free password manager for easy and secure management of your passwords on top of that.

If you take out a 5-year subscription, you only pay EUR 1.00 per month or EUR 60 for the entire period . The provider also grants you a 30-day money-back guarantee if, contrary to expectations, you do not like the offer.

What are the advantages of Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy VPN offers you a high speed for encrypted surfing, unlimited bandwidth in the downstream and provides you with over 2000 servers in over 100 countries. You can use the Ivacy VPN client on up to 10 devices.

Strong 256-bit encryption and the use of advanced protocols such as IPSEC, IKeV, L2TP and OpenVPN ensure a high level of security for anonymous surfing. In addition, no log files are created by the provider and there is an emergency switch that immediately cuts the entire Internet connection should the VPN service be interrupted.

In addition to the high anonymity and security, for example when surfing in public WLANs, Ivacy VPN also offers you the option of using streaming providers such as Netflix or Disney + from abroad. The provider also supports the use of P2P. So if you are looking for a powerful VPN service, you should get the extremely cheap deal from Ivacy VPN now, because the offer is only available for a short time .


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