iPhone and MacBook repairs: Apple dares to take a big step - xiaomist Headlines

iPhone and MacBook repairs: Apple dares to take a big step - xiaomist Headlines

Apple wants to improve the repairability of its products. From the coming year, customers should therefore have easier access to selected original parts and work on the iPhone and MacBook themselves. You can find out more about that and what else happened this week in this episode of the xiaomist Headlines.

iPhone and MacBook: Apple wants to make private repairs possible

Completely surprising, Apple announced that from the beginning of 2022 owners of iPhone 12 and 13 should be able to carry out repairs on their purchased devices independently.
In addition to the original parts, Apple also wants to provide repair instructions and tools. M1 Macs are to follow in this repair campaign.

The program will initially start in the United States, where the right-to-repair movement has also gained massive momentum in recent years and there is even strong support for repair options among Apple stockholders. It will then also be rolled out to other markets in the course of the year.

We are excited to see which parts, especially for MacBooks, will be available.

Pixel 6: Google on the confessional

Google had to admit this week: As good as stated, the Pixel 6 does not charge at all. Instead of 30 watts of fast charging, the Pixel 6 only has 21 watts, the Pro 23 watts.

After all: The 30 minutes - to charge the battery to 50 percent - are adhered to, but then the charging power collapses massively, so you can wait another hour and a half for full charge.

Xbox: 70 more classics playable on new hardware

Microsoft patched over 70 other original Xbox and Xbox 360 games this week with "Backwards Compatible" patches. Including Ridge Racer 6, TimeSplitters 2 and the Max Payne trilogy. So: Just put the old Xbox or 360 disc in the drive, download the patch and get started.

At the same time, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in a message to Axios that he would like the industry to have more ways to "legal emulation" where modern hardware could simply be able to play the old titles.

Black Friday: Every second strikes

Black Friday is imminent. Do you plan to spend money on one or the other offer? According to a Statista survey, at least half of Germans say that. 37 percent hope for a deal in an online shop and a further 11 percent for an offer in brick-and-mortar stores.


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