iCloud storage full? Buy, empty, manage

iCloud storage full? Buy, empty, manage

ICloud storage is limited. There is only 5 GB for free, but you can buy additional iCloud storage or finally tidy up and manage what should actually be stored there. Here are our tips ...

There is not enough free space for an iCloud backup anyway. Even on an iPhone with little memory there are more photos, pieces of music and chat data than you can store there. If the iCloud storage is full, you have several options. You can tidy up, save photos on the computer hard drive and remove them from iCloud. Or you can buy more iCloud storage. The iCloud costs are comparatively cheap if you opt for the largest storage plans. But for just 99 cents a month you get a hefty storage premium.

Empty and manage iCloud storage

If the iCloud storage is full and you do not want to spend any money on an upgrade, you can also specifically empty the storage. You can see what is in the memory and how much space it takes up in the settings of your iPhone or iPad.

Empty icloud storage

So you can empty iCloud storage:

Opens the Settings app. Switch to the iCloud section in the menu. You may have to enter your login details here (Apple ID and password). In the iCloud window, tap on Storage . Then on manage storage . Now you can see a list of all documents and data that have been stored in your iCloud storage by various apps. Tap on the individual apps. Now it is listed again how much memory the apps occupy in the iCloud. Tap on Edit . Now you can remove the iCloud data of this app under Delete all .

Repeat these steps until there is enough space again. Please note, however, that important data, notes and documents may also be deleted in the process. You may be able to export this to another location within the corresponding app beforehand.

Option 1: buy iCloud storage

Everyone who registers with an Apple ID gets 5 gigabytes of iCloud storage for free. That's enough for a few WhatsApp backups and stored documents, but not for a large collection of photos, videos and music. Fortunately, you can expand your iCloud storage relatively cheaply.

icloud storage cost price

For money, Apple offers you three different storage plans. You pay 99 cents a month if you manage with a total of 50 gigabytes. Always note: Paid iCloud storage is not added to the 5 free gigabytes.

In the table you can see what you get for your money if you want to expand your iCloud quota.

Storage space Price per month 5 GB Free of charge 50 GB 0.99 euros 200 GB 2.99 euros 2 TB (2,000 gigabytes) 9.99 euros

The "family sharing" mode introduced in June 2017 is interesting. You can share your storage space in the iCloud with friends and family. With the largest package, as a pair you get 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) per person for less than 5 euros per month!

With the smaller iCloud storage packages, you should keep in mind, for example, that your device wants to save multiple backups. Even 50 gigabytes are quickly gone. You can also use iCloud with Windows. Compared to providers like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, you can actually get away with it very cheaply.


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